Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado

Operations Manager

Since 2018, Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado has been working in Remar, Inc. Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado is a proficient Business Unit Manager at Remar, Inc with over 12 years of work experience. According to Jorge's resume and work profile, Jorge has worked at more than ten companies with numerous backgrounds and got various skills. Jorge studied at the Williamson College from 2017 to 2019. This professional has studied Spanish and English. Jorge can be found in Nashville, Tennessee – where the professional currently lives. You can contact with Jorge by searching for phone number or email address or get additional information by requesting access to the professional's details from Connexy.
Name variants:
Jorge Prado

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 21, 2022
Nashville, TN


Remar, Inc.
Business Unit Manager at Remar, Inc


Logistics and Supply Chain

Work History

Business Unit Manager at Remar, Inc

from Aug 2018

Operations Manager

from Aug 2017

Logistics Corporate Manager

Responsibilities: Direct and supervise plant operations (2 sites):warehousing, shipping, procurement and purchasing, materials and production planning, infrastructure maintenance, civil infr...
Feb 2016 — Dec 2016

Logistics Manager

Responsibilities: Managing logistics operations related to the whole business supply chain (transportation, warehousing, co-packers, 3PLs). Planning, coordination, and execution of distribut...
Jul 2015 — Feb 2016

Commercial Operations Territory Manager

Responsibilities: Managing product supply processes to the territory’s branches, inventory physical control, shipping, distribution, risk control and operational continuity. Leading a team o...
Jul 2014 — Jul 2015

Commercial Processes and Control Manager

Responsibilitie: Ensure compliance with operational and strategic plan (payroll, expenses, and investments). Credit risk and valuation of suppliers, franchisee and clients’ commercial condit...
Jul 2013 — Jul 2014

Operational Management Coordinator

Responsibilitie: Shipping and warehousing processes implementation in different branches. Resources allocation to operational processes. Creation and/or restructuring of shipping areas. Guar...
Jul 2012 — Jun 2013

Shipping Coordinator

Responsibilities: Guarantee execution of products shipping plans and standards for clients and distributors, securing return on investment. Improve shipment processes. Design and optimize de...
Oct 2008 — Jun 2012

Commercial Processes Specialist

Responsibilities: Design and implementation of sales and distribution processes. Execute training plans for sales and shipping teams nationwide. Main Achievements: Implementation of Project...
Feb 2007 — Sep 2008

Distribution Supervisor

Responsibilities: Analyze, propose and implement the creation and geographical reorganization of the clients’ portfolio, create shipping routes, supervise and support shipping team managemen...
Mar 2004 — Feb 2007


Operations Manager
Director of Operations
Business Unit Manager
Logistics Supply Chain Professional
Business Administration Specialist


Liderazgo De Equipos
Microsoft Office
Estrategia Empresarial
Cambio Organizacional
Team Leadership
Cadena De Suministro
Mejora De Procesos
Plan De Negocio
Business Planning
Supply Chain
Continuous Improvement
Supply Chain Management
Customer Service
Business Strategy
Trabajo En Equipo
Microsoft Excel
Process Improvement
Planeamiento De Proyectos
Microsoft Powerpoint
Change Management
Project Management
Strategic Planning
Food Industry
Desarrollo Organizacional
Microsoft Excel Expert
Microsoft Office Advanced

FAQs about Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado

What's the profession of Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado?

This professional's job is Operations Manager

What are the profession of The expert?

These person's professions are Executive and Operations Manager

Where does Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado currently live?

Nashville, Tennessee is the place where Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado lives

Where did Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado work?

This expert worked at Remar, Inc., Fidelitone.

Where has Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado studied?

Jorge studied at the Williamson College from 2017 to 2019.

What languages does Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado speak?

Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado speaks Spanish and English.

What is professional industry that Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado worked in?

Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado works in Logistics And Supply Chain industry.

Are there any skills, that Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado has?

Jorge Alejandro Prado Prado has skills in the following areas: Liderazgo De Equipos, Microsoft Office, Estrategia Empresarial, Cambio Organizacional, Team Leadership, Cadena De Suministro, Sap, and Mejora De Procesos.