John Tenaglia

Broadcast Media

John Tenaglia is a highly qualified expert, working in World Family of Radio Maria, NGO on the position of Technical Director, New York from 2010. John gained professional experience in more than four positions at various companies. John Tenaglia went to the Fordham University and got education from 2008 to 2010. New York, New York is the area, where the professional was lastly known to be located. Their phone number and email are easily accessed through this website on demand.
Name variants:
Johnn Tenaglia, Jon Tenaglia, Jack Tenaglia, Jackie Tenaglia, Jacky Tenaglia, Johnny Tenaglia

Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 30, 2016
New York, NY


Technical Director, New York


Nonprofit Organization Management

Work History

Technical Director, New York

Operate all audio, analog and digital equipment to ensure smooth operations for a non-profit radio station broadcasting in 13 languages across more than 30 nations worldwide. Monitor satelli...
from Sep 2010

Senior Export Manager

Recruited to lead team of 7 export account executives to obtain new clients, manage accounts and perform additional responsibilities on behalf of an international freight forwarder. Drove bu...
Sep 2008 — Feb 2009

Export Line Manager

Oversaw a 5-member department to manage operational and commercial trade of containers to more than 80 marketing ports in Africa, the eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Middle East an...
Feb 2003 — Sep 2008

Assistant Manager, Technical Services & Acquisitions

Assisted post-production functions for a large independent film producer / distributor. Ordered print production and overseeing trafficking of trailer and motion picture prints nationwide, a...
Dec 2000 — Sep 2001


Technical Director
Sales Specialist
Equipment Tools Purchasing Agent
Export Manager
Freight Clerk
Customer Service
Client Service Officer
Technical Managers
Department Store Salesperson
Retail Salesperson
Import Export Sales Manager
Sales Manager
Clerical Specialist


Technical Services
Budget Management
Acquisitions & Distribution Customer & Vender Relations
Team Building & Leadership
Business Development
Software includes: HTML
Java Script
Apple iMovie 09
Avid Media Composer 5
Final Cut Pro
Sony Vegas
Sound Forge
On-Air Radio Automation
MS Office Suite
Mac & Windows proficient
Equipment includes: Arriflex 16SR camera
SLR Digital & HD Cam
duplication & archiving

FAQs about John Tenaglia

What is the main profession of John Tenaglia?

The expert is a Broadcast Media.

What jobs is John proficient at at?

John Tenaglia is a professional Executive and Technical Director jobs.

Where does John Tenaglia currently live?

The expert lives in New York, New York.

Where did John Tenaglia work?

The professional worked at World Family of Radio Maria, NGO, K International Transport Co, Inc..

Does John Tenaglia have personal website or blog?

John Tenaglia`s website is

What education does John Tenaglia have?

John studied at the Fordham University from 2008 to 2010.

Are there any skills, that John Tenaglia has?

This person has such skills as Technical Services, Post-Production, Budget Management, Acquisitions & Distribution Customer & Vender Relations, Team Building & Leadership, and Logistics.