John S Staver

Co Owner

For over two years John S Staver has been working in different jobs. Recently, John worked as a Front Desk Staff in University of Wisconsin-Madison widening experience. John graduated from James A. Graaskamp Center For Real Estate in 2019 where this expert got all the skills. You can find this professional in Hassan, Minnesota, where he lives nowadays. Connexy has all the information you need to be in touch with John S Staver, such as this professional's phone number or email. Send us the request to get additional info.
Name variants:
Johnn Staver, Jon Staver, Jack Staver, Jackie Staver, Jacky Staver, Johnny Staver

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
Hassan, MN


Front Desk Staff

Madison, WI


Colleges and Universities, Nsk

Work History

Front Desk Staff

Solve problems of varying severity with residents from diverse backgrounds to provide the best customer experience possible Organize, label, and log packages using a scanner and package tr...
from Aug 2016

Co Owner

from Jan 2016

Sales, Marketing and It Specialist

Interact with multiple levels of management in various industries to understand issues and provide provide possible solutions for each individual clients’ needs Implement and install solut...
from Dec 2014


Jun 2012 — Sep 2014


FAQs about John S Staver

What's the main profession of John S Staver?

John S Staver is a Co Owner.

What jobs is John S Staver proficient at at?

John S Staver is a professional such jobs as Executive and Co-Owner.

Where does John S Staver currently live?

Hassan, Minnesota is the place where John S Staver currently lives

How many companies did John S Staver work at?

John S Staver worked at four jobs.

What education does John S Staver have?

John studied at the James A. Graaskamp Center For Real Estate from 2015 to 2019.

What is professional industry that John S Staver worked in?

This person works in Telecommunications industry.

Are there any professional skills, that John S Staver has?

John has the following skills: Telecommunications, Networking, Microsoft Office, Customer Service, Management, Leadership, Professional Communication, and Time Management.


Chief Executive


Microsoft Office
Customer Service
Professional Communication
Time Management