John Case

John Case

Owner, Case Photography

We found the following information about John Case at Case Photography, where the professional has worked as a Owner since 1999. John's total work experience is over 31 years, during which time this person had at least 13 jobs at different places to develop skills. Currently, John Case is located in New York, New York. You can contact with John by looking for phone or email or get further info by requesting access to the person's further details.
Name variants:
Johnn Case, Jon Case, Jack Case, Jackie Case, Jacky Case, Johnny Case

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
New York, NY





Work History


Milford, NJ
Owner & Chief Photographer
from Jan 1999

Program Manager

Corporate Financial Management Project (CFM-SAP) Engaged as Business Analyst, consultant and project manager, managing projects to be incorporated onto the recent implementation of SAP for A...
Aug 2006 — May 2007

Project Manager

sanofi-aventis workstation re-certification (SAW Recertification Project) This position is a member of the project team responsible for re-certifying the sanofi-aventis application portfoli...
Dec 2005 — Apr 2006

Project Manager

SAP Migration (Project GLORIA) •Facilitated the global re-planning of Project GLORIA in respect to the Conversion & Interface/Development departments including internal and external depe...
Jun 2005 — Oct 2005

Project Manager

SAP Migration •Established a “Return to Green” timeline with activities and milestones to be accomplished to bring the Billing/AR team back on track to meet the projects deadlines. •Responsi...
May 2004 — Dec 2004

KFNA Server Inventory & Consolidation

•Responsible for the electronic inventory and verification of the lease/owned status of 1200 servers encompassing 60 unique data elements to be inventoried and verified. •Worked with corpora...
Jan 2004 — Apr 2004

Windows 2000 Deployment QA Application Deliverable Project Manager

•Project Manager engaged to assist the QA Lab in meeting deadlines and deliverables to the Windows 2000 Deployment project for a total of 66 application profiles. •Established processes and ...
Jan 2002 — Apr 2004

Project Manager

1998 — 2004

Microsoft Exchange/SMS North Geoplex Project Manager/Technical

One of 3 project managers for the United States, augmenting IBM Global Services and Lucent staff with the engineering deployment and installation of Microsoft Exchange and Systems Management...
Mar 1997 — Feb 2001

Project Manager: CIO-End User Services

Project Manager/coordinator in the following projects: CIO Central - End User Services Procurement Web Site Migration, High Speed Remote Access Using VPN, Windows 2000 Desktop Deployment. Al...
Mar 1997 — Feb 2001

Novell Network Administrator

•Administrated 38 Novell NetWare 3.11/3.12 file servers in a NNS Domain. Coordinated upgrades to the operating system as needed. •Coordinated Setup of tape backup rotation utilizing Grandfa...
Jun 1992 — Oct 1996

Systems Engineer

1989 — 1996

1/43 BN 43rd ADA (Patriot)

• Responsible for the Coordination of new communications equipment and the manning of said equipment as part of the requirements of the Patriot Missile operations manifest. • Coordinated var...
Apr 1986 — Apr 1988


Program Director
Business Analyst
Project Manager
Chief Executive
Operations Manager
Project Managers


Lifestyle Photography
Image Manipulation
Video Transfer
Commercial Photography
Portrait Photography
Wedding Photography
Fine Art Photography
Event Photography
Fashion Photography
Corporate Portraits
Location Photography
Senior Portraits
Business Portraits
Studio Photography
Digital Photography
On Location
Fine Art
Newborn Photography
Wedding Photojournalism
Studio Lighting
Beauty Photography
Lifestyle Portraits
Black & White
Panoramic Photography
Street Photography
Sports Photography
Still Life
Wildlife Photography
Landscape Photography
Travel Photography
Environmental Portraiture

FAQs about John Case

What's the main profession of John Case?

The expert is a Owner, Case Photography.

What are the profession of John?

These person's professions are Executive and Owner

Where does John Case currently live?

New York, New York is the place where John Case lives

How many companies did John Case work at?

The professional worked at 13 jobs.

Does John Case have personal webpage or blog?

John`s website is

What is professional industry that John Case is connected to?

John Case works in Photography industry.

What are professional skills of John Case?

This person has such skills as Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Photos, Boudoir, Image Manipulation, Image, Genealogy, Video Transfer, Portraits, and Commercial Photography.