Joe Star

Joe Star

Sales & Marketing Manager/Global Product Development Cross Chemical Company,Inc.

We found the following information about Joe Star at Cross Chemical Company, Inc., where this professional has worked as a Sales & Marketing Manager/Global Product Development since 2011. Joe's total work experience is over 27 years, during which time they had at least six jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Joe studied at the Indiana University South Bend from 1980 to 1982. Currently, Joe is located in Detroit, Michigan. You can contact with Joe by searching for phone number or email or get exhaustive info by requesting access to Joe Star's further details.
Name variants:
Joel Star, Joseph Star

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 4, 2016
Detroit, MI


Sales & Marketing Manager/Global Product Development

Westland, MI


Mfg Chemical Preparations, Nonclassifiable Establishments

Work History

Sales & Marketing Manager/Global Product Development

Westland, Michigan
Founded in 1958. Cross is a specialy chemical house whose core business of lubricants and mold release agent product lines serve the metal forming and rubber/plastic extrusion markets. Our s...
from Sep 2011

Sales Director

Sales Director of the Adult Day Program with a focus on aquiring simpler assembly, collating, salvage, and packaging work for our physically and mentally challenged work force.
Mar 2009 — Sep 2011

National Sales Manager

Expanded sales force and developed new markets for the patented hydration bottles manufactured by the company. Reversed 5 years of declining sales and successfully introduced the product to ...
Feb 2007 — Dec 2009

Director of Sales

Directed sales of PVC cellular foam and the initial start up of the rubber based PSA line. Managed a staff of 7 independent sales reps., 2 corporate sales personal and 3 office personel . Sa...
Feb 2004 — Apr 2006

Business Manager/Industrial Assembly Systems

Developed sales program for the Acrylic bonding tape unit. Implemented advertising and marketing program. Hired sales staff for new territorial and market sales focus. Managed 8 Independent...
May 2000 — Nov 2004

Sales & Marketing Manager

Held all sales positions for vinyl plastic foam manufacturer. From inside sales coordinator to ending position of Sales & Marketing Manger. Managed all Domestic and International sales f...
Sep 1983 — May 2000


Sales Specialist
Sales and Marketing Manager
Sales Director
Sales Engineering Specialist
Sales Engineer
Sales Representative
Sales Manager

FAQs about Joe Star

What is the main profession of Joe Star?

This professional's job is Sales & Marketing Manager/Global Product Development Cross Chemical Company,Inc.

What are the profession of This professional?

These person's professions are Sales Specialist and Sales and Marketing Manager

Where is Joe Star located?

The professional is currently located in Detroit, Michigan.

How many companies did Joe Star work at?

The professional worked at six jobs.

Does Joe Star have personal website or blog?

Joe Star`s website is

What education does Joe Star have?

Joe studied at the Indiana University South Bend from 1980 to 1982.

Are there any special awards Joe Star received?

This person received awards and these awards are: Who's Who in Sales 1997/2000, Gaska Tape Salesman of the year1986, Citation of Merit for Outstanding Performance; Action/VISTA PeaceCorps 1979.

What is professional industry that Joe Star worked in?

Joe Star works in Chemicals industry.