Jingjing Yan Schneider

Associate Director Biostatistics

We found the following information about Jingjing Yan Schneider at Beigene, where Jingjing Yan Schneider has worked as a Associate Director Biostatistics since 2018. Jingjing's total work experience is over seven years, during which time Jingjing had at least four jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Jingjing Yan Schneider studied at the Ohio State University from 2011 to 2014. Jingjing can be found in Millbrook, Alabama – where this person is currently located. You can contact with Jingjing by looking for phone number or email address or get additional information by requesting access to their details from Connexy.
Name variants:
Jingjing Schneider

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 21, 2022
Millbrook, AL


Associate Director Biostatistics



Work History

Associate Director Biostatistics

from May 2018

Biostatistics Manager at Amgen

Sep 2014 — May 2018

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Jan 2011 — Aug 2014

Graduate Intern

Researched and implemented methods for imputing data for general purpose estimation in clinical trials missing data analysis, especially the theory and application of fractional imputation O...
May 2013 — Aug 2013

FAQs about Jingjing Yan Schneider

What is the profession of Jingjing Yan Schneider?

This professional's job is Associate Director Biostatistics

What jobs is Jingjing a professional at?

Jingjing is a professional Executive and Deputy Director jobs.

Where is Jingjing Yan Schneider located?

The professional is located in Millbrook, Alabama.

Does Jingjing Yan Schneider have the email address?

ji**@beigene.com is The professional's email address.

Where did Jingjing Yan Schneider work?

Jingjing Yan Schneider worked at Beigene, Amgen.

What education does Jingjing Yan Schneider have?

Jingjing studied at the Ohio State University from 2011 to 2014.

Are there any professional industries Jingjing Yan Schneider is connected to?

This person works in Biotechnology industry.

What are the skills of Jingjing Yan Schneider?

This professional has skills in the following areas: R, Bayesian Statistics, Sas, Linear Regression, Meta Analysis, Generalized Linear Models, Control Charts, and Statistical Computing.


Deputy Director
Biotechnology Professional
Deputy Manager
Chief Executive
Biological Scientist
Operations Manager


Bayesian Statistics
Linear Regression
Meta Analysis
Generalized Linear Models
Control Charts
Statistical Computing