Jim Toleman

Project Manager

We found the following information about Jim Toleman at Bonacio Con., where this professional has worked as a Project manager. Jim's total work experience is over zero years, during which time this person had a job at one company to develop skills. Jim studied at the State University of New York - System from 2008. Currently, Jim Toleman is located in Albany, New York. You can contact with Jim by searching for phone number or email address or find further information by requesting access to Jim's additional details.
Name variants:
Jim Toleman, James Toleman

Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 13, 2022
ji**@bonacio.com, ji**@yahoo.com
Albany, NY


Bonacio Construction Inc
Project manager



Work History

Project manager

FAQs about Jim Toleman

What's the profession of Jim Toleman?

This professional's job is Project Manager

What jobs is Jim proficient at at?

The expert is a professional such jobs as Project Manager.

Where does Jim Toleman currently live?

Albany, New York is the place where Jim Toleman lives

Does Jim Toleman have the email address?

ji**@bonacio.com and ji**@yahoo.com is The professional's email address.

How many companies did Jim Toleman work at?

Jim worked at one jobs.

Where has Jim Toleman studied?

Jim studied at the State University of New York - System from 2008.

Are there any industries, that Jim Toleman is connected to?

This professional works in Construction industry.


Project Manager
Project Managers