Jennifer Madden

Jennifer Madden

Director of Marketing

We found the following information about Jennifer Madden at In-House Realty, where Jennifer has worked as a Director of Marketing since 2011. Jennifer's total work experience is over 15 years, during which time this expert had at least eight jobs at different places to develop skills. Jennifer studied at the Wayne State University from 2005 to 2007. Jennifer Madden currently lives in Detroit, Michigan. You can contact with Jennifer by searching for phone or email address or get further information by requesting access to this person's additional details from Connexy.
Name variants:
Jen Madden, Jenny Madden, Jennie Madden, Jenne Madden, Jan Madden

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 29, 2016
Detroit, MI


In-House Realty
Director of Marketing

Detroit, MI


Real Estate

Work History

Director of Marketing

Detroit, MI
Worked side-by-side with the executive leadership team to redesign the company focus and strategy of growth. That new focus allowed me to narrow in and lead the execution of both marketing a...
from Jun 2011

Marketing & Business Mentor

Greater Detroit Area
Bizdom presents a unique opportunity to help entrepreneurs develop their business and marketing strategies. My expertise is relied upon to lead marketing workshops and provide one-on-one fee...
from Jan 2010

Website Optimization Guru

Leveraged some of the relationships that I built within the industry and my reputation for honest hard work in order to find a few small companies that needed guidance with their internet ma...
Oct 2008 — Jan 2012

Program Manager - Purchase

Detroit, MI
Created a new role within the marketing team that supported the purchase mortgage side of the business. I worked closely with banking teams, operations, technology and marketing to create p...
Jun 2010 — Jun 2011

Web Marketing Project Manager

Worked directly with the internal creative team, web engineering team, and business leaders to plan and manage the projects needed to increase website conversion. The projects included but w...
Sep 2006 — Jun 2010

Office Manager

Supported the business owner on all fronts including on and offline advertising, accounting, human resources, training and desktop design. Position Details: + Researched franchising opportu...
Mar 2004 — Aug 2006

Executive Administrator

Position Details: + Provide administrative support to CEO that includes transcribing letters, faxes, emails, and various other clerical work. + Provide administrative support to the Preside...
Jul 2001 — Jun 2003

Internet Consultant

Position Details: + Developed pricing and Web Design Process. + Consulted with clients in order to analyze their needs. + Proposed contracts to clientele with layout of work to be done and ...
Sep 1999 — May 2001



Marketing Director
Sales Specialist
Sales Account Associate
Real Estate Broker
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Chief Executive
Sales Executive
Sales Manager
Property Manager
Real Estate Manager
Accounting Bookkeeper


Web Analytics
Multivariate Testing
Online Advertising
Email Marketing
Web Project Management
Social Media Marketing
Social Media
Google Analytics
Project Management
Web-based Project Management
Process Improvement Experience
Agile Web Development
Business Analysis
Business Process

FAQs about Jennifer Madden

What is the main profession of Jennifer Madden?

Jennifer Madden is a Director of Marketing.

What jobs is Jennifer a professional at?

Jennifer is a professional Executive and Marketing Director jobs.

Where does Jennifer Madden live?

Detroit, Michigan is the place where Jennifer Madden lives

Where did Jennifer Madden work?

Jennifer worked at In-House Realty, Bizdom.

What education does Jennifer Madden have?

Jennifer studied at the Wayne State University from 2005 to 2007.

Are there any awards Jennifer Madden ever received?

This professional received awards and these awards are: 2010 Gilbert Award Nominee - Quicken Loans, 2013 Gilbert Award Nominee - In-House Realty, and Isms in Action Award Nominee - Quicken Loans.

Are there any professional industries, that Jennifer Madden works in?

Jennifer Madden works in Financial Services industry.

What are the skills of Jennifer Madden?

This person has the following skills: SEO, Web Analytics, Blogging, Usability, Multivariate Testing, Online Advertising, Email Marketing, Analytics, Web Project Management, and Social Media Marketing.