Jennifer Brady

Managing Director at Chord Advisors, Llc

We found the following information about Jennifer Brady at Chord Advisors, LLC, where this person has worked as a Managing Director since 2013. Jennifer's total work experience is over 15 years, during which time the professional had at least five jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Jennifer studied at the University of Connecticut from 1993 to 1997. This professional has the certification in Certified Public Accountant Jennifer Brady currently is located in New York, New York. You can contact with Jennifer by looking for phone or email or get exhaustive information by requesting access to this professional's further details from Connexy.
Name variants:
Jen Brady, Jenny Brady, Jennie Brady, Jenne Brady, Jan Brady

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 3, 2022
New York, NY


Chord Advisors, LLC
Managing Director



Work History

Managing Director

Accounting policy and financial reporting consultant.
from Jan 2013

Vice President

Accounting Policy. Focus on fair value, financial instruments, and asset management topics. Responsibilities included U.S. GAAP implementations, documentation of accounting policies, and o...
Jul 2007 — Apr 2012

Project Research Associate

Standard setting team- Derivatives Disclosures. Research, analysis, and presentation of issues contributing to FAS 161 amendment to FAS 133.
Mar 2005 — Jun 2007

Senior Manager

Investment Management Controllers- Segment Reporting. Main focus on management reporting (quarterly due diligence and other business analytics provided to senior management).
Sep 2002 — Feb 2005


Audit- Investment Management. Focus on mutual fund, hedge fund, and private equity fund audits and special projects.
Aug 1997 — Aug 2002



Chief Executive Officer
Vice President
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive


Us Gaap
Financial Reporting
Sec Filings
Hedge Funds
Technical Accounting Research