Jane Britton

Jane Britton

Client Service Manager at NTT America

Since 2008, Jane Britton has been working in NTT Communications. Jane Britton is a high-skilled Client Service Manager with over two years of work experience. According to Jane's resume and work profile, this person has worked at more than two places with diverse backgrounds and got various skills. Jane Britton can be found in Seattle, Washington – where this expert currently lives. You can search for Jane Britton's email address and phone number. We can also provide you with detailed contact information upon request.
Name variants:
Janie Britton, Janey Britton, Jenny Britton, Jennie Britton, Jen Britton, Janet Britton, Jane Britton

Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Seattle, WA


NTT Communications
Client Service Manager


Information Technology and Services

Work History

Client Service Manager

from 2008

Sales Administration

2006 — 2008

FAQs about Jane Britton

What is the main profession of Jane Britton?

Jane is a Client Service Manager at NTT America.

What are the profession of The professional?

These person's professions are Service Manager

Where does Jane Britton currently live?

Jane lives in Seattle, Washington.

How many companies did Jane Britton work at?

The professional worked at two jobs.

Does Jane Britton have personal webpage or blog?

Jane Britton`s website is http://www.us.ntt.net.

What is professional industry that Jane Britton worked in?

Jane works in Internet industry.