Jacquelyn N Tune

Cake Decorator

Jacquelyn N Tune is a eficient professional, working in Giant Eagle main office of which is in 124. as a Cake Decorator from 2005. Jacquelyn N Tune gained professional experience in more than two positions at various companies. Jacquelyn N Tune went to the Devry University and was studying from 2010 to 2014. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the area, where the professional was known to settle. Their phone number and email are easily accessed through this website on demand.
Name variants:
Jacqueline Tune

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 4, 2022
ja**@gianteagle.com, lj**@aol.com
Pittsburgh, PA


Giant Eagle, Inc.
Cake Decorator



Work History

Cake Decorator

101 Kappa Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
decorate cakes, cookies and cupcake for every occasion.
from Aug 2005


I design and create custom cakes and dessert buffets to match event themes.
from Mar 2000


2010 — 2014


Cake Decorator
Culinary Arts Professional
Food Preparation Worker
Chief Executive


Event Planning
Customer Service
Microsoft Word
Project Management
Floral Design
Cake Decorating
Event Designs

FAQs about Jacquelyn N Tune

What is the main profession of Jacquelyn N Tune?

The expert is a Cake Decorator.

What are the profession of Jacquelyn?

These person's professions are Cook and Cake Decorator

Where does Jacquelyn N Tune live?

Jacquelyn N Tune lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What is Jacquelyn's email?

The expert's email is ja**@gianteagle.com and lj**@aol.com.

How many companies did Jacquelyn N Tune work at?

The professional worked at two jobs.

What education does Jacquelyn N Tune have?

Jacquelyn studied at the Devry University from 2010 to 2014.

What is professional industry that Jacquelyn N Tune worked in?

Jacquelyn works in Food Production industry.

Are there any special skills Jacquelyn N Tune has?

This professional has such skills as Event Planning, Customer Service, Microsoft Word, Project Management, Floral Design, Cake Decorating, and Event Designs.