Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth

Vice President Sales and Marketing

We found the following information about Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth at Benchmark Communities LLC, where Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth has worked as a Director of Marketing since 2012. Jacquelyn's total work experience is over nine years, during which time this professional had at least six jobs at different companies to develop skills. Jacquelyn studied at the California State University-Hayward from 1998 to 2001. Currently, Jacquelyn lives in Pleasanton, California. You can contact with Jacquelyn by looking for phone number or email address or get additional information by requesting access to this person's additional details from us.
Name variants:
Jacqueline Douwes-Blomseth

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 4, 2022
jd**@benchmarkcommunities.com, ja**@gmail.com
Pleasanton, CA


Benchmark Communities LLC
Director of Marketing


Real Estate

Work History

Director of Marketing

San Jose, CA
from Jul 2012

Region Marketing Specialist - Northwest Region

Manage and drive traffic to provide every opportunity for our sales team through print, merchandise and interactive advertising. Monitor and analyze sourcing and competition to determine the...
Jun 2009 — Jul 2012

Operations Manager

Provided support to Division Vice President of Operations in a newly established division. Interfaced with all professionals in all aspects of the business; coordinated team meetings. Manage...
Mar 2007 — Feb 2008

Manager, Operations

Provided support to Division President while heading a new division. Interfaced with all professionals in all aspects of the business; coordinated and lead monthly Project meetings. Supervis...
Dec 2003 — Oct 2006

Operations Coordinator/Customer Care Administrator

Assisted all head Executives with administrative needs . Interpreted, maintained and entered data for homebuyers and Customer Care Representatives. Analyzed and submitted daily reports. Main...
Sep 2003 — Nov 2003

Marketing Coordinator

Nov 2001 — Aug 2003


Vice President
Marketing Director
Real Estate Broker
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Marketing Professional
Farmer and Animal Care
Advertising Professional
Chief Executive
Property Manager
Real Estate Manager
Advertising Sales Agent


Contract Negotiation
Customer Service
Sales Management
Business Development
Project Management
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Market Analysis
Contract Management
Marketing Management
Investment Properties
Market Research
Email Marketing
Competitive Analysis
Problem Solving
Market Planning
Online Marketing
Corporate Branding
Marketing Communications
Time Management
Team Building
Training and Development
Customer Relationship Management
Reporting and Analysis
Sales Strategy
Sales Operations
Sales Presentations
Account Management
Record of Success
Digital Marketing
Exceed Sales Goals
Working With Investors
New Opportunities

FAQs about Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth

What is the main profession of Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth?

Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth is a Vice President Sales and Marketing.

What are the profession of Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth?

These person's professions are Executive and Vice President

Where does Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth currently live?

The professional currently lives in Pleasanton, California.

What is Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth's email?

Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth's email is jd**@benchmarkcommunities.com and ja**@gmail.com.

Where did Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth work?

The professional worked at Benchmark Communities LLC, MERITAGE HOMES OF CALIFORNIA.

Does Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth have personal webpage or blog?

This expert`s website is http://www.johnlainghomes.com, http://www.meritagehomes.com, and http://www.BenchmarkCommunities.com.

What education does Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth have?

Jacquelyn studied at the California State University-Hayward from 1998 to 2001.

What languages does Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth speak?

Jacquelyn Douwes-Blomseth speaks English.