Holly Turley

District Manager

We found the following information about Holly Turley at Chamberlin Edmonds, where the professional has worked as a District Manager since 2000. Holly's total work experience is over 28 years, during which time Holly had at least four jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Holly studied at the New York Institute of Technology from 2009. Holly Turley currently is located in Saint Albans, West Virginia. You can contact with Holly by looking for phone number or email or get further info by requesting access to the person's further details from Connexy.
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Holly Turley

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Contact Information

Last Update
Saint Albans, WV


District Manager


Nonclassifiable Establishments

Work History

District Manager

2000 — Jan 2014

Assistant District Manager

Mar 2011 — Jan 2014

Health Care Representative

Apr 2006 — Mar 2011

Customer Service Representative

Jul 2000 — Apr 2006


Masters in Health Care Administration

New York, NY
from 2009

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Huntington, WV
from 2005


District Manager
Region Manager
Sales Manager

FAQs about Holly Turley

What's the profession of Holly Turley?

This professional's job is District Manager

What are the main profession of The expert?

These person's professions are Executive and District Manager

Where does Holly Turley live?

Holly Turley currently lives in Saint Albans, West Virginia.

How many companies did Holly Turley work at?

The professional worked at four jobs.

Where has Holly Turley studied?

Holly studied at the New York Institute of Technology from 2009.