Grisell Figueredo

Grisell Figueredo


Grisell Figueredo has been working in Pet Steps Sitters, Inc. This expert is a high-skilled President with over zero years of work experience. According to Grisell's CV and work profile, this professional has worked at one company with numerous backgrounds and gained various skills. Grisell attended school at the Great Neck North Senior High School from 1966 to 1970. Grisell Figueredo can be found in Miami, Florida – where this professional currently lives. You can search for the person's phone number and email. We can also provide you with exhaustive contact information upon request.
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Grisell Figueredo

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Jan 29, 2016
Miami, FL



Miami, FL


Ret Misc Merchandise

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FAQs about Grisell Figueredo

What's the main profession of Grisell Figueredo?

Grisell Figueredo is a President.

What are the main profession of This expert?

These person's professions are Executive and Chairperson

Where is Grisell Figueredo currently located?

The expert is located in Miami, Florida.

How many companies did Grisell Figueredo work at?

The person worked at one jobs.

Does Grisell Figueredo have personal webpage or blog?

This professional`s website is

What education does Grisell Figueredo have?

Grisell studied at the Great Neck North Senior High School from 1966 to 1970.

What languages does Grisell Figueredo speak?

Grisell Figueredo speaks English, Spanish, French.

What is professional industry that Grisell Figueredo is connected to?

This person works in Veterinary industry.


Animal Doctor
Chief Executive
Animal Care Giver
Animal Caretaker