Gregg Popkin

Gregg Popkin

Chief Operating Officer at RFR Holding

We found the following information about Gregg Popkin at RFR Holding LLC, where the professional has worked as a Chief Operating Officer since 2009. Gregg's total work experience is over 21 years, during which time Gregg Popkin had at least five jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Gregg studied at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government from 2002 to 2003. Gregg Popkin currently lives in New York, New York. You can contact with Gregg by searching for phone or email address or find further information by requesting access to their additional details.
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Gregg Popkin

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 29, 2016
New York, NY


Chief Operating Officer


Real Estate

Work History

Chief Operating Officer

New York City
Oversee multi-national Holding Company operations for privately held New York real estate investment firm. Direct operating companies focused upon real estate investment: leasing, managage...
from Apr 2009

Managing Director

Managing Director, Asset Management, Eastern Region Directed a team of local Asset Managers and the comprehensive asset management activities for two private equity investment fund portfolio...
Sep 2007 — Mar 2009

Senior Managing Director, Asset Management Services

Directed all asset services for a diversified and primarily class A and B commercial office portfolio of approximately 200 buildings and 48 million sf in the Tri-State region. Properties we...
Apr 1998 — Sep 2007

Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President Directed leasing, property management and operations for U.S. office portfolio of 5 million square feet. Managed property operations and associated functions; budg...
Jun 1993 — Apr 1998

Asset Manager and Director

Managed two million square feet at the Harborside Financial Center for a pension fund client. Directed all building operations and services, leasing, base building construction, tenant and ...
Aug 1988 — Jun 1993


Chief Operating Officer
Real Estate Broker
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Chief Executive Officer
General and Operations Manager
Chief Executive
Property Manager
Real Estate Manager
Corporate Executive


Real Estate Development
Asset Management
Construction Management
Investor Relations
Office, Retail, Hotel

FAQs about Gregg Popkin

What is the main profession of Gregg Popkin?

This professional's job is Chief Operating Officer at RFR Holding

What jobs is Gregg a professional at?

Gregg Popkin is a professional Executive and Chief Operating Officer jobs.

Where does Gregg Popkin currently live?

Gregg lives in New York, New York.

How many companies did Gregg Popkin work at?

Gregg Popkin worked at five jobs.

Where has Gregg Popkin studied?

Gregg studied at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government from 2002 to 2003.

What are the awards Gregg Popkin received?

This person received awards and these awards are: Diabetes Research Institute Humanitarian Award 1999 REBNY Management Executive of the Year 2005 Outreach Counseling Services Honoree 2006 St. Dominics Home Honoree 2007 Special Olympics Honoree 2010 Top EBITDA, Growth and Serivce Awards; CBRE 2005 -2007.

What languages does Gregg Popkin speak?

Gregg Popkin speaks Spani.

Are there any special industries, that Gregg Popkin works in?

This professional works in Real Estate industry.