Greg Dumond

Project Management Consultant

We found the following information about Greg Dumond at Clearwire, where this professional has worked as a Sourcing Manager and Senior Buyer since 2008. Greg's total work experience is over 19 years, during which time they had at least five jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Greg studied at the Boston University from 2015 to 2015. Greg currently lives in Bellevue, Washington. You can contact with Greg by looking for phone or email address or find full information by requesting access to this person's additional details.
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Gregory Dumond

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
Bellevue, WA


Sourcing Manager and Senior Buyer

Fort Worth, TX


Business Services at Non-Commercial Site, Nonclassifiable Establishments

Work History

Sourcing Manager and Senior Buyer

1475 120Th Ave northeast, Bellevue, WA 98005
Supplier sourcing and vendor management for Network Deployment suppliers. Developed national supplier relationships to assist with Network Deployment of a rapid growth 4G network. Defined sc...
Apr 2008 — Sep 2009

Project Management Consultant

Intellectual property management, focusing on Trademark acquisition and protection. Vendor sourcing development. Bid and Contract Administration and Development. Relationship management. Pro...
from Sep 2009

Purchasing Manager

Technical Services supplier management for cell site deployment services suppliers.
Aug 2005 — Apr 2008

Senior Buyer

208 south Akard St, Dallas, TX 75202
Technical Services buyer for Cell Site Construction
Feb 1998 — Apr 2003


6502 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024
1988 — 1998


Management Consultant
Sales Specialist
Team Leader
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Management Analyst
Operations Manager
Buyer and Seller
Sales Representative
Services Professional
Accounting Bookkeeper


Vendor Relations
Contract Management
Strategic Sourcing
Supplier Management

FAQs about Greg Dumond

What's the main profession of Greg Dumond?

Greg is a Project Management Consultant.

What jobs is Greg a professional at?

Greg is a professional Management Consultant jobs.

Where does Greg Dumond live?

Bellevue, Washington is the place where Greg Dumond currently lives

Does Greg have the email address?

gr** is The professional's email address.

How many companies did Greg Dumond work at?

The professional worked at five jobs.

Where has Greg Dumond studied?

Greg studied at the Boston University from 2015 to 2015.

What is professional industry that Greg Dumond is connected to?

This person works in Financial Services industry.

Are there any professional skills, that Greg Dumond has?

This person has the following skills: Vendor Relations, Contract Management, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Management, Sourcing, Outsourcing, and Vendor.