Grant Adamson

Vice President, Manager It Budgeting, It Procurement and It Asset Management

We found the following information about Grant Adamson at New York Community Bancorp, Inc, where the professional has worked as a IT Budget and Procurement Manager since 2011. Grant's total work experience is over 26 years, during which time this expert had at least 11 jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Grant studied at the Institute of Canadian Bankers to 1988. Grant Adamson currently is located in Concord Township, Ohio. You can contact with Grant by searching for phone number or email or find further information by requesting access to this person's additional details from Connexy.
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Grant Adamson

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Jul 5, 2022
gr**, gr**, ga**
Concord Township, OH


IT Budget and Procurement Manager

Cleveland, OH


Savings Institution

Work History

IT Budget and Procurement Manager

from Jun 2011

Business Manager

Provide fiscally responsible management of the school’s educational budget and maximize the goal of providing excellent education for the school population with the financial resources avail...
Aug 2010 — Oct 2010

Finance Project Manager

Perform highly complex accounting activities or analysis of financial data in order to evaluate the financial implications and make recommendations to management for planning and decision ma...
May 2010 — Jul 2010

Lead Financial Analyst - Officer

Primary responsibility was focused on driving financial analysis Line of Business and Product profitability. Reviewing and analyzing monthly financial information. Develop and maintenance al...
Jan 2004 — Dec 2009

Lead Financial Analyst - Officer

Same position as listed above only the Bank changed from Ohio Savings Bank to AmTrust Bank.
Jan 2004 — Dec 2009

Senior Financial Analyst

Analyst responsible for monthly production, this would include preparing, analyzing and reporting financial data for headcount, actual results, forecasts and profit plans as needed to suppor...
Jan 1999 — Jan 2004

Manager Finance/Business Planning

Responsible for the accuracy and reporting of the Alberta Divisions profits to the Board of Directors and shareholders of the bank. Communicated achievable division targets in branch goal se...
Feb 1994 — Jan 1998

Asst Manager Finance - Business Planning

Responsible for analyzing current and future profitability and interpreting division objectives. Provided guided leadership and instructions in the understanding of retail branch financial ...
May 1992 — Feb 1994

Branch Manager Administration

Responsible for the internal operation of the branch by providing supervision and direction, while delegating and overseeing subordinates’ decisions/achievements. Supervised a staff of 35 to...
Jan 1991 — May 1992

Assistant Manager Administration

Jan 1989 — Jan 1991

Administration Officer

Jan 1987 — Jan 1989


Vice President
Procurement Manager
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Business Manager
Chief Executive
Operations Manager
Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Managers
Accounting Bookkeeper


Financial Reporting
Funds Transfer Pricing
Financial Analysis
Microsoft Office
Business Planning
Oracle Discoverer
General Ledger
Financial Modeling
Performance Management
Microsoft Excel
Strategic Financial Planning
Cross Functional Team Leadership
Project Management
Process Improvement
Corporate Finance
Risk Management
Business Analysis
Project Planning
Microsoft Word
Business Process Improvement
Analytical Skills
Financial Planning
Microsoft Access

FAQs about Grant Adamson

What's the profession of Grant Adamson?

This professional's job is Vice President, Manager It Budgeting, It Procurement and It Asset Management

What jobs is Grant Adamson proficient at at?

Grant is proficient at Executive and Vice President jobs.

Where is Grant Adamson currently located?

Grant is located in Concord Township, Ohio.

What is Grant Adamson's email?

The professional's email is gr** and gr**

How many companies did Grant Adamson work at?

The professional worked at 11 jobs.

Does Grant Adamson have personal website or blog?

This professional`s website is and

What education does Grant Adamson have?

Grant studied at the Institute of Canadian Bankers to 1988.

Are there any professional industries Grant Adamson is connected to?

This professional works in Financial Services industry.