Gail Burton

Gail Burton

Retired Executive Director - Human Capital, Operations

Gail Burton has been working as a Executive Director in Revana since 2007. Moreover, this expert has professional experience at more than two companies in the related field. Gail has a total work experience of four+ years. Nowadays Gail lives in Phoenix, Arizona region. Find this person's current e-mail and phone through our search.
Name variants:
Gale Burton, Gayle Burton

Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Phoenix, AZ


Executive Director


Information Technology and Services

Work History

Executive Director

from May 2007

Sr. Director, Operations

1999 — 2003

FAQs about Gail Burton

What is the main profession of Gail Burton?

This professional's job is Retired Executive Director - Human Capital, Operations

What jobs is Gail Burton proficient at at?

The expert is proficient at Executive and Chief Executive Officer jobs.

Where is Gail Burton currently located?

The expert is currently located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Where did Gail Burton work?

The professional worked at Revana, Qwest Communications.

Are there any industries, that Gail Burton works in?

Gail works in Outsourcing/Offshoring industry.