Gabrielle Silva

Gabrielle Silva

Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives at Arizona-Mexico Commission

Gabrielle Silva is a highly qualified expert, who works in Summit Resources main office of which is in 1323. as a Right-of-Way Specialist from 2012. Gabrielle gained professional experience in more than eight positions at different companies. Gabrielle Silva went to the Arizona State University and received education there from 2002 to 2006. Phoenix, Arizona is the area, where this professional was known to settle. This expert's e-mail and phone can be easily accessed through Connexy by request.
Name variants:
Gabriela Silva, Gabriella Silva, Gabby Silva, Gabi Silva, Gaby Silva, Ella Silva, Ellie Silva

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 4, 2016
Phoenix, AZ
Summit Resources, LLC


Right-of-Way Specialist

Work History

Right-of-Way Specialist

Cincinnati, Ohio
from Mar 2012

Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives

Sep 2007 — Jul 2012

Assistant Director of Policy

Arizona-Mexico Commission, Office of the Governor
Feb 2009 — Jan 2010

Assistant Director for Policy

2009 — Aug 2009

Assistant Director for Policy

Gabrielle Silva has been part of the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) since September 2007, and was named Assistant Director of Policy in October 2008. Gaby provides support to the Governor’...
Sep 2007 — Aug 2009

Policy Analyst

Mar 2008 — Jan 2009

Policy Analyst

2007 — Jul 2008

Policy Analyst

2007 — Jul 2008


2002 — 2006


Chief Communications Officer
Chief Executive

FAQs about Gabrielle Silva

What's the main profession of Gabrielle Silva?

Gabrielle is a Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives at Arizona-Mexico Commission.

What jobs is Gabrielle proficient at at?

Gabrielle is a professional such jobs as Executive and Chief Communications Officer.

Where does Gabrielle Silva live?

Phoenix, Arizona is the place where Gabrielle Silva currently lives

How many companies did Gabrielle Silva work at?

The professional worked at eight jobs.

Where has Gabrielle Silva studied?

Gabrielle studied at the Arizona State University from 2002 to 2006.

What is professional industry that Gabrielle Silva is connected to?

This professional works in Government Relations industry.