Fountain Paul

Information Technology and Services

We found the following information about Fountain Paul at Nokia Corp, where Fountain has worked as a Sr. Americas IT Security Manager since 2009. Fountain's total work experience is over 57 years, during which time this person had at least 26 jobs at different places to develop skills. Fountain studied at the University of Phoenix from 2005 to 2006. Currently, Fountain lives in Dallas, Texas. You can contact with Fountain by looking for phone number or email address or find additional information by requesting access to Fountain's additional details from Connexy.
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Fountain Paul

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Last Update
Feb 4, 2016
Dallas, TX


Sr. Americas IT Security Manager

Work History

Sr. Americas IT Security Manager

In charge of the Information Security Management function, providing line management, leadership and strategic direction for the function and liaising closely with other managers. Bringing ...
from Jan 2009

Head of Americas Project Management

2007 — 2009

PMCC Global/ADM Group

Work with Global Business units to provide Project management and Technical Implemetation Manager competencies Handle all IIP related material, budgeting, LE and STP Planning Handle two sepa...
Nov 2006 — Jan 2009

Architecture/Analyst/Security Grp Manager

Nov 2006 — Dec 2008

Sr. Manager

Nov 2006 — Dec 2008

Architect, Analyst, Security Mgr

2005 — 2007

Application, Architecture, Secure Mgr

Work specifically with service, Networks to facilitate vendor and internal application development and integration. Manage groups handling end to end application development, requirements an...
May 2001 — Nov 2006

CRM and Applications Integration Mgr

May 2001 — Nov 2006

IT Factory Mgr

1998 — 2005

Security Engineer

May 2001 — Jul 2003

Security Engineer

Jan 2001 — Jul 2003

Security Specialist

for IDS and Vulnerability assessments, currently large internal projects and web sites System, Network, and Application Audits Manage Policy and Procedure development Clearcase Administrati...
Jul 2000 — May 2001

IM Mgr of Manufacturing Facilities

Jan 2000 — Jan 2001

SR. System/Network Administrator

Responsible for all operations of network and systems pertaining to factory operation. Responsible for hiring of personnel and training through demonstration and documentation All Secure ID ...
Apr 1999 — Jul 2000

Sr. Admin

Jan 1999 — Jan 2000

System/Network Administrator of MFG

Responsible for all hardware, software and LAN issues pertaining to end-user support. Server development and maintenance., training and account admin. Acted as an IM professional in the area...
Sep 1998 — Apr 1999

Sr Administrator

Sep 1998 — Apr 1999

Techichal Support for Global Support Center

Mar 1998 — Aug 1998

Technical Support

Mar 1998 — Aug 1998

Phone Support

1997 — 1998


Jul 1997 — Aug 1998


Handled Mainframe, Novell and NT 4.0 issues for Global support of offshore and land based Mobil centers and business Partner in PC service and build to suit company; Repaired, upgraded, and ...
Jul 1997 — Aug 1998

Svc Desk Support Manager /Technical Specialist ,Auction Coordinator

Nov 1995 — Mar 1998

Svc Desk Support Manager /Technical Specialist ,Auction Coordinator,

Jan 1995 — Jan 1998

Laboratory Manager, Phlebotomy supervisor

Hiring, training, scheduling of both technical and non-technical personnel in hospital lab setting in both medical and computer based areas. Policy and Budget management in Columbia HealthCa...
Aug 1991 — Apr 1996

Lab Manager

Jan 1991 — Jan 1996


IT Professional
IT Security
Information Technology Specialist
Operations Manager
IT Specialist


Over 13 years practical management experience
Over 13 years budgeting and planning experience
More than 11 years IT security and 13 years IT technical work experience
Good Negotiating Skills
EnCase Intermediate and Advanced Forensics
Nokia Project MGMT Certified
Behavioral Interviewing
MAP 2001
ZOOM Training
Win-Win Negotiation
Enterprise Security Architecture and Intrusion Detection design
Security standards and procedures development

FAQs about Fountain Paul

What's the main profession of Fountain Paul?

The expert is a Information Technology and Services.

What are the profession of Fountain Paul?

These person's professions are IT Professional and IT Security

Where is Fountain Paul located?

Fountain Paul is located in Dallas, Texas.

Where did Fountain Paul work?

The professional worked at Nokia Corp, Nokia.

What education does Fountain Paul have?

Fountain studied at the University of Phoenix from 2005 to 2006.

Are there any skills, that Fountain Paul has?

Fountain Paul has such skills as Over 13 years practical management experience and Over 13 years budgeting and planning experience.