Elle Tracy


Elle Tracy is a skilled expert, who works in The Results Group on the position of Owner from 1980. This expert gained professional experience in more than seven positions at various companies. Elle Tracy went to the The Film School and got education from 2011 to 2011. Bellingham, Washington is the area, where this person was known to settle. Their email address and number are easily accessed through Connexy on demand.
Name variants:
Noel Tracy

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Bellingham, WA
The Results Group


Work History


This is a sole proprietorship that gives me the freedom to contribute where I can and where there is a minimum of politics in the workplace.
from 1980

Board Member

I led the development of our association through its first four years of existence, including drafting budgets and working with association managers.
2008 — 2012

Teacher/ Internet Business Basics, E-commerce

With curriculum I developed, and as approved by the dean of the business school, I taught adult business professionals -- lawyers, accountants, CEOs, CFOs -- how to Hire the Internet, after ...
Oct 1998 — Apr 2000

Technical Writer/ site producer

I wrote two stints @ MSFT -- one in 1989 and another 1994-1998. As a contractor, and writer -- sometimes regarded by the 'lifeboat-ers' as lower on the totem pole than the gardners -- I lear...
Apr 1989 — Oct 1998

Computer specialist/ generalist

I served in Antarctica using my computer skills as a way to pursue learning everything I could about the science of the planet, which is studied in Antarctica. It was a life-changing experie...
Oct 1991 — Oct 1992

Authorized Training Program

Designed and implemented this program throughout North America, engaging professional computer literacy trainers as platform-independent trainers of desktop publishing software. Added 'ink' ...
Apr 1986 — Dec 1988

Sales/ marketing/ Instructor/ Product Manager

Learned most of what I know working for IBM; technology, business, product management and adult education. An extremely productive ten-year investment in my career.
Feb 1970 — Dec 1980


Health Specialist
Certified Nurse Aide
Entertainment Professional
Board Member
Chief Executive
Nurse Practitioner
Management Team Executive
Operations Manager

FAQs about Elle Tracy

What is the profession of Elle Tracy?

This professional's job is Owner

What are the profession of Elle Tracy?

These person's professions are Executive and Owner

Where is Elle Tracy currently located?

The professional is currently located in Bellingham, Washington.

How many companies did Elle Tracy work at?

Elle Tracy worked at seven jobs.

Does Elle Tracy have personal website or blog?

The professional`s website is http://wacondominiumreference.blogspot.com/.

Where has Elle Tracy studied?

Elle studied at the Film School from 2011 to 2011.

What languages does Elle Tracy speak?

Elle Tracy speaks French.

Are there any special industries Elle Tracy works in?

Elle works in Entertainment industry.