Don Petersen

Vice President, Operations

Don Petersen has been working as a Vice President, Operations at Excel Business Systems. Moreover, the person has on-the-job experience at more than two companies using similar skills. Don has a total work experience of 20+ years. Don studied at the Community College of the Air Force. Don can be found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – where this expert currently lives. You can contact with Don by searching for phone number or email or find additional information by requesting access to this expert's details.
Name variants:
Donnie Petersen, Donny Petersen

Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Philadelphia, PA


Vice President, Operations


Business Supplies and Equipment

Work History

Vice President, Operations

Superintendent, Information Management

1977 — 1997

FAQs about Don Petersen

What's the main profession of Don Petersen?

This professional's job is Vice President, Operations

What jobs is Don a professional at?

Don is a professional such jobs as Executive and Vice President.

Where is Don Petersen located?

Don Petersen is currently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Where did Don Petersen work?

This person worked at Excel Business Systems, US Air Force.

Does Don Petersen have personal website or blog?

Don`s website is

What education does Don Petersen have?

Don studied at the Community College of the Air Force.

Are there any professional industries Don Petersen works in?

This professional works in Business Supplies and Equipment industry.


Vice President
Sales Specialist
Equipment Tools Purchasing Agent
Chief Executive
Department Store Salesperson
Retail Salesperson