Dima Suslikov

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

We found the following information about Dima Suslikov at What To Do Media, where this professional has worked as a Partner and Creative Director since 2011. Dima's total work experience is over 13 years, during which time this person had at least five jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Dima studied at the Saint Martin's University from 2008 to 2011. Currently, Dima Suslikov lives in Seattle, Washington. You can contact with Dima by searching for phone number or email address or get full information by requesting access to this professional's additional details.
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Dima Suslikov

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 11, 2022
Seattle, WA


What to Do Media
Partner and Creative Director


Marketing and Advertising

Work History

Partner and Creative Director

Pleasure to be working with such a dynamic team. The core team is superb - we are making big strides in the company and working with AWESOME clients. Not to brag, but my work is starting to ...
Mar 2011 — Nov 2013

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

I am a co-founder of Sound Housing - a Real Estate Investment Company. Since we launched the company in early 2013, the company has experienced almost an exponential growth. Today, our exper...
from Jan 2013

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Mar 2006 — Oct 2011

Marketing Director

Led creative design for all print media promotion for events such as Business Expo, Chamber Auction, Chamber Beautification, Chamber Annual Awards Dinner, Music in the Park, etc. Coordinat...
Dec 2004 — Oct 2008

Public Relations Assistant and Office Clerk

Assisted with coordination of Public Relations related press releases. Updated the site and managed all aspects of online presence. Participated at committee meetings to supply strategies...
Dec 2005 — Jun 2007


Chief Executive Officer
Creative Director
Real Estate Broker
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive
Art Director
Property Manager
Real Estate Manager


Web Design
Graphic Design
Real Estate
Project Management
Customer Service
Concept Development
Website Development
Marketing Strategy
Real Estate Development
Business Planning
Strategic Planning
Online Marketing
Investment Properties
New Business Development
Investment Strategies
Business Strategy
Project Coordination
Business Analysis
Social Media Marketing
Strategic Leadership
Deal Negotiation
Team Building
Creative Real Estate Investing
Product Design
Real Estate Transactions
Business Development
Private Investment
Video Production
Concept Design
Sales Presentations
Internet Entrepreneur
Team Leadership
Contract Negotiation
Small Business
Residential Homes

FAQs about Dima Suslikov

What is the main profession of Dima Suslikov?

This professional's job is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

What are the main profession of The expert?

These person's professions are Executive and Chief Executive Officer

Where is Dima Suslikov located?

The professional is currently located in Seattle, Washington.

Does Dima Suslikov have the email address?

di**@skylimitstudio.com is Dima's email address.

Where did Dima Suslikov work?

This expert worked at What To Do Media, Sound Housing.

Where has Dima Suslikov studied?

Dima studied at the Saint Martin's University from 2008 to 2011.

What languages does Dima Suslikov speak?

Dima Suslikov speaks English and Russian.

What is the industry that Dima Suslikov is connected to?

This professional works in Real Estate industry.