Desiree Johnson


Desiree Johnson has been a Accounts Receiveable Manager at Accountable Solutions since 2009. Furthermore, Desiree Johnson has professional experience at more than three companies using similar skills. Desiree has a total work experience of five+ years. Desiree Johnson studied at the Interior Designers Institute. Currently this person lives in Santa Ana, California region. You can find this person's actual contacts through Connexy search.
Name variants:
Desiree Stickelmaier

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 29, 2016
Santa Ana, CA


Accounts Receiveable Manager

Work History

Accounts Receiveable Manager

from Apr 2009

Commercial Interior Designer

As a team designer at CDC my responsibilities included but not limited to the following: - helping in the development of a project concept and initial presentations - selection of furniture,...
Nov 2006 — Jan 2009

Production Designer

-Assisted in the selection of furniture, fabrics, finishes, plants, art and accessories. -Constructed presentation boards -Prepared detailed furniture proposals. -Communicated with field tea...
Feb 2004 — Mar 2006


Interior Designer
Operations Manager
Interior Design Specialist


- Interior construction documents and detailing in both
imperial and metric systems using AutoCAD
- Furniture
fabric and finish selections and preparation for
- Keeping a job in budget and on time

FAQs about Desiree Johnson

What's the main profession of Desiree Johnson?

This professional's job is Design

What jobs is Desiree proficient at at?

Desiree is proficient at Executive and Manager jobs.

Where does Desiree Johnson currently live?

Desiree Johnson currently lives in Santa Ana, California.

How many companies did Desiree Johnson work at?

The professional worked at three jobs.

Where has Desiree Johnson studied?

Desiree studied at the Interior Designers Institute.

What are professional skills of Desiree Johnson?

Desiree has such skills as - Interior construction documents and detailing in both, imperial and metric systems using AutoCAD, and - Furniture.