David Gillan

Managing Director - Global Real Estate Investments & Commercial Lending

For over 14 years David Gillan worked in different jobs. Recently, this person worked as a Managing Director - Real Estate Investments in NYSTRS widening experience. This professional graduated from Siena College in 1987 where this expert received all the skills and knowledge. You can find David Gillan in Albany, New York, where he lives nowadays. Connexy has all the data you need to connect David Gillan, such as this person's number or email address. Send us the request to get more data.
Name variants:
Daved Gillan, Dayvid Gillan, Dave Gillan, Davey Gillan, Davie Gillan, Davy Gillan

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 4, 2016
Albany, NY


Managing Director - Real Estate Investments

Albany, NY


Pension/Health/Welfare Fund

Work History

Managing Director - Real Estate Investments

Albany, NY
Mr. Gillan is responsible for overall portfolio management and strategy for NYSTRS’ $10.6 billion equity real estate and $5.5 billion commercial real estate debt portfolios. The equity portf...
from Jan 2001

Director of Accounting

Boston, MA
Jan 1999 — Jan 2001

Internal Audit - Investments and Cash Management

Oct 1990 — Jan 1999

Audit Supervisor

Dec 1987 — Oct 1990



Chief Executive Officer
Real Estate Broker
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Board Member
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive
Property Manager
Real Estate Manager
Management Team Executive
Operations Manager


Portfolio Management
Commercial Real Estate
Investment Strategies
Real Estate Private Equity
Alternative Investments

FAQs about David Gillan

What's the profession of David Gillan?

This professional's job is Managing Director - Global Real Estate Investments & Commercial Lending

What are the profession of This expert?

These person's professions are Executive and Chief Executive Officer

Where is David Gillan currently located?

The expert is currently located in Albany, New York.

Where did David Gillan work?

David Gillan worked at NYSTRS, Pension Reserves Investment Mangement.

Does David Gillan have personal webpage or blog?

David`s website is http://www.ncreif.org.

Where has David Gillan studied?

David studied at the Siena College to 1987.

Are there any special awards David Gillan received?

This professional received awards and these awards are: Certified Public Accountant - State of New York (inactive) Instructor NCREIF Academy, Chicago, IL July 2011 Chair NCREIF Plan Sponsor Committee - 2007-08 Member, REIS Council 2007-08.

What is professional industry that David Gillan worked in?

David works in Investment Management industry.