Christopher Sisson

Christopher Sisson

Freelance Video Producer, Coordinator, Assistant Director

We found the following information about Christopher Sisson at Freelance Production, where this expert has worked as a Producer, Coordinator, Assistant Director since 2013. Christopher's total work experience is over five years, during which time this expert had at least 11 jobs at different companies to develop skills. Christopher Sisson studied at the Syracuse University from 2008 to 2009. Portland, Oregon is the place where the professional currently lives. You can search for this expert's phone and email. We can also provide you additional contact information upon request.
Name variants:
Kristopher Sisson, Chris Sisson, Christy Sisson, Kit Sisson, Kester Sisson, Kristof Sisson, Toph Sisson, Topher Sisson, Kris Sisson, Stophel Sisson

Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Portland, OR


Producer, Coordinator, Assistant Director



Work History

Producer, Coordinator, Assistant Director

Portland, Oregon Area
from Jun 2013


from Aug 2010

Producer/Post Production Supervisor

Produce, write, and develop content for video segments for grant-based programs, generally aimed at developing informal science education.Coordinate local and remote shoots, working closely ...
Aug 2011 — May 2013

Production Assistant/Editor

Work as general staff enabling day to day operations, as well as assistant editor and media manager. Duties also include production coordinator and assistant cameraman responsibilities.
Nov 2010 — Jul 2011


Jan 2010 — Aug 2010

Assistant Editor

Jul 2009 — Dec 2009

Production Assistant

Assisted Director of Photography, Craig Braden.
Jun 2009 — Dec 2009


Duties include researching television shows, editing pitch tapes, and filming interviews.
Jun 2009 — Aug 2009


Directed multi-cam switcher for live events. Produced and directed half hour mock-news show.
2008 — 2009

Production Assistant

2007 — 2008

Editor/Videographer Intern

Edited commercials promoting festivals in Bend, OR. Acted as videographer during events.
May 2007 — Sep 2007


2008 — 2009
2005 — 2007


Film and Video Producer
Deputy Director
Art Producer
Media Producer
Deputy Manager
Chief Executive


Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Studio
Post Production
Media Management
Field Producing
Creative Writing
Production Coordination
Adobe Creative Suite

FAQs about Christopher Sisson

What's the main profession of Christopher Sisson?

This professional's job is Freelance Video Producer, Coordinator, Assistant Director

What jobs is Christopher Sisson a professional at?

Christopher Sisson is a professional Producer and Film and Video Producer jobs.

Where does Christopher Sisson live?

Portland, Oregon is the place where Christopher Sisson currently lives

How many companies did Christopher Sisson work at?

Christopher Sisson worked at 11 jobs.

Does Christopher Sisson have personal website or blog?

The professional`s website is and

Where has Christopher Sisson studied?

Christopher studied at the Syracuse University from 2008 to 2009.

Are there any professional industries, that Christopher Sisson works in?

This person works in Motion Pictures and Film industry.

Are there any special skills Christopher Sisson has?

Christopher has skills in the following areas: Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Studio, Editing, Film, Production, Camera, Post Production, Media Management, Field Producing, Writing, Creative Writing, and Research.