Christine Wachter

Studio Manager

For over seven years Christine Wachter has been working in different jobs. Recently, Christine worked as a Administrative Assistant and Property Management in The Saywitz Company widening experience. You can find this person in Newport Beach, California, where he lives nowadays. Connexy has all the personal info you need to connect Christine Wachter, such as Christine Wachter's number or e-mail. Send us the request to get additional info.
Name variants:
Christina Wachter, Christiana Wachter, Christian Wachter, Chris Wachter, Christy Wachter, Christie Wachter, Christa Wachter, Chrissie Wachter, Kit Wachter, Tina Wachter, Crissy Wachter, Xina Wachter

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 23, 2022
Newport Beach, CA


The Saywitz Company
Administrative Assistant and Property Management


Real Estate

Work History

Administrative Assistant and Property Management

Assisted in the management of multiple commercial properties and took on daily administrative tasks such as filing, meeting support, organizing, and data input.
Jun 2016 — Feb 2018

Studio Manager

Manage relationships with new and existing clientele, fulfill purchase orders, provided continual rapid correspondence between multiple parties, assist with sales, research and development, ...
from 2018


Apr 2015 — Mar 2016

Assistant Lead and Receptionist

Lead Assistant- oversaw floor operations, staffed new assistants, managed assistant schedules and trainings, ordered and maintained all supplies and inventory Front Desk Manager- oversaw cus...
Apr 2011 — Mar 2015


Assisted in transforming a clients vision into a flawless event, venue and travel coordination, created invite list, distributed invitations, and tracked RSVP’s, Kept simultaneous events on ...
from Apr 2008

FAQs about Christine Wachter

What is the main profession of Christine Wachter?

Christine is a Studio Manager.

What jobs is Christine a professional at?

Christine is a professional Executive and Manager jobs.

Where is Christine Wachter located?

Christine is located in Newport Beach, California.

Where did Christine Wachter work?

This person worked at The Saywitz Company, Agartha.

Are there any special industries Christine Wachter works in?

Christine Wachter works in Design industry.

What are the skills of Christine Wachter?

This person has the following skills: Management, Microsoft Office, Marketing, Leadership, and Team Building.


Administrative Associate
Chief Administrative Officer
Senior Online Leader
Operations Manager
Administrative Clerk
Clerical Specialist
Chief Executive
Internet Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager


Microsoft Office
Team Building