Chris Horner

Chris Horner

Assistant Vice President at CommunityOne Bank

We found the following information about Chris Horner at Bank of Granite / CommunityOne Bank, where Chris has worked as a Assistant Vice President since 2012. Chris's total work experience is over ten years, during which time they had at least seven jobs at different places to develop skills. Charlotte, North Carolina is the place where this expert presently lives. You can contact with Chris by looking for phone number or email or find further information by requesting access to this person's details from us.
Name variants:
Christian Horner, Christopher Horner, Christine Horner, Crystal Horner

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Charlotte, NC


Assistant Vice President

Hudson, NC



Work History

Assistant Vice President

Southpark Office, Charlotte NC
Manage all aspects of a banking center. Specializing in outside business development, working with business and personal clients on a one-on-one level and with personalized attention.
from Nov 2012

Freelance Photographer

Specializing in fine art prints and commercial product photography. My artistic work has been recognized in: -Smashing Magazine for a worldwide photo contest that they conducted -Multiple ti...
from Feb 2008

Assistant Vice President / Branch Manager

Charlotte, NC
Manage all aspects of a $60 million banking center. Responsibilities include overseeing sales and operational matters, outside business development of large accounts, expense control, profi...
Oct 2011 — Nov 2012

First Level Officer Carpenter Rd office in Ann Arbor, MI

Manage all aspects of a $28 million banking center including sales managment, expense control, exceeding profitability targets, maintaining federal and company audit standards, community inv...
Apr 2010 — Sep 2011

First Level Officer - Milford, MI Office

Manage all aspects of a $14 million banking center including sales management, expense control, exceeding profitability targets, maintaining federal and company audit standards, community in...
Nov 2009 — Apr 2010

ACH Department

11/06-01/08 Managed customer service area of the ACH department. Accomplishments included streamlining processes and standardizing reports for increased efficiency and coaching employees on...
Nov 2006 — Nov 2009

Branch Manager

My first position with the company was as a Customer Service Representative in the branch system. Due to my outstanding sales performance and previous sales management background, within ei...
Nov 2002 — Nov 2006


Assistant Vice President
Independent Contractor
Vice President
Chief Executive
Independent Business Owners
Tour Guide


Sales Management
Digital Photography
Public Speaking
Operational Management
ACH systems
Business Management
Leading Change
Leading People
Operations Management
Strategic Planning
Social Media
Customer Service
Small Business
Leadership Development
Microsoft Word
Social Media Marketing
Business Development
Team Building
Time Management
Marketing Strategy
Sales Process
Social Networking

FAQs about Chris Horner

What's the main profession of Chris Horner?

This professional's job is Assistant Vice President at CommunityOne Bank

What jobs is Chris proficient at at?

Chris is proficient at such jobs as Executive and Assistant Vice President.

Where does Chris Horner live?

Charlotte, North Carolina is the place where Chris Horner lives

How many companies did Chris Horner work at?

Chris Horner worked at seven jobs.

Does Chris Horner have personal website or blog?

The expert`s website is and

Are there any awards Chris Horner ever received?

This professional received awards and these awards are: National Deans List.

Are there any professional industries Chris Horner works in?

Chris Horner works in Banking industry.

What are special skills of Chris Horner?

This professional has skills in the following areas: Sales Management, Sales, Digital Photography, Public Speaking, Writing, Operational Management, ACH systems, Business Management, and Leading Change.