Casandra Simmons

Human Resource Management Professional

Casandra Simmons went to the Villanova University and was studying from 2012. Waldorf, Maryland is the area, where this person was lastly known to settle. Casandra's email address and phone number are accessed through Connexy on demand.
Name variants:
Casandra Simmons

Contact Information

Last Update
Waldorf, MD


Certification in Applied Project Management

Philadelphia, PA
from 2012

Certification in Professional Manager

Maxwell AFB, AL
from 2011

Associate of Applied Science in Social Services

Maxwell AFB, AL
from 2010

Masters in Human Resource Management

Mount Pleasant, MI
from 2009

BS in Personnel Administration

Miami Shores, FL
from 2004

Associate of Applied Science in Personnel Administration

Maxwell AFB, AL
from 2001

FAQs about Casandra Simmons

What's the main profession of Casandra Simmons?

The expert is a Human Resource Management Professional.

What are the profession of Casandra?

These person's professions are Executive and Manager

Where does Casandra Simmons currently live?

The professional currently lives in Waldorf, Maryland.

Where has Casandra Simmons studied?

Casandra studied at the Villanova University from 2012.


Operations Manager