Carrie Reck-Meyer

Educational Technologist

Carrie Reck-Meyer is a skilled expert, working in Christ Community Lutheran School as a Educational Technologist since 1990. Carrie Reck-Meyer went to the Webster University and got education there. Saint Louis, Missouri is the city, where this expert was known to be situated. Carrie Reck-Meyer's phone number and email can be accessed through this website by request.
Name variants:
Carrie Reck-Meyer, Caren Reck-Meyer, Carol Reck-Meyer, Caroline Reck-Meyer

Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 4, 2022
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Saint Louis, MO
Christ Community Lutheran School


Educational Technologist

Work History

Educational Technologist

Kirkwood, MO
from 1990


FAQs about Carrie Reck-Meyer

What is the profession of Carrie Reck-Meyer?

This professional's job is Educational Technologist

What are the main profession of This expert?

These person's professions are Engineer and Process Engineer

Where is Carrie Reck-Meyer located?

The expert is currently located in Saint Louis, Missouri.

What is Carrie's email?

Carrie Reck-Meyer's email is cr** and cr**

Where did Carrie Reck-Meyer work?

Carrie worked at Christ Community Lutheran School.

What education does Carrie Reck-Meyer have?

Carrie studied at the Webster University.

What is the industry that Carrie Reck-Meyer worked in?

Carrie works in Education Management industry.

Are there any skills Carrie Reck-Meyer has?

This person has skills in the following areas: Educational Leadership, Curriculum Development, Educational Technology, Elementary Education, and Teaching.


Process Engineer
Industrial Engineer


Educational Leadership
Curriculum Development
Educational Technology
Elementary Education