Carl Carver

Vice President

We found the following information about Carl Carver at Lofton Staffing Services, where this expert has worked as a Vice President since 2006. Carl's total work experience is over 18 years, during which time they had at least six jobs at different places to develop professional skills. Carl studied at the University of North Florida - College of Business Administration from 1988 to 1990. Carl Carver currently is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can contact with Carl by searching for phone number or email address or find full information by requesting access to their additional details from Connexy.
Name variants:
Karl Carver

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 14, 2022
ca**, ca**, ca**
Baton Rouge, LA


Lofton Staffing Services
Vice President


Staffing and Recruiting

Work History

Vice President

9414 Interline Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Responsible, as a part of the Executive Management team, for creating and directing the vision and growth of Lofton and the integration of all business units. Responsible for the implementat...
from Feb 2006

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer

As a Board Member and Executive, responsible for the overall direction of the company. Directly led the development and growth of the Professional Services division of the company including ...
Feb 1995 — Dec 2005

Consultant and Partner

Responsible for the strategic growth planning and execution of the company. Provided financial consulting services as outsourced CFO with client base ranging from Fortune 50 to emerging grow...
Jan 1995 — Feb 1998

Director of Strategic Planning

Responsible for creation and overall analysis, projection, and modeling systems of operations for public company. Responsible for preparation and reporting to investors and industry analysts...
Feb 1994 — Jan 1995

Senior Business Consultant

Provided audit and consulting services for companies ranging from Fortune 50 clients to Entrepreneurial and Non-for-Profit entities. Responsible for audit and review of SEC filings and regis...
Sep 1990 — Feb 1994

Vice President

9414 Interline Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70809


Vice President
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Financial Director
Director of Operations
Board Member
Chief Executive
Accounting Bookkeeper
Tour Guide
Financial Officer
Financial Manager
Operations Manager
Management Team Executive


Applicant Tracking Systems
Start Ups
Executive Management
Business Development
Strategic Planning
Customer Service
Temporary Staffing
Mergers and Acquisitions
Temporary Placement
Strategic Partnerships
Talent Acquisition
Team Building
Human Resources
Staffing Services
Operations Management
Professional Services
Executive Search
Technical Recruiting
Employee Relations
Cold Calling
Contract Recruitment
Internet Recruiting
Permanent Placement
Employee Benefits

FAQs about Carl Carver

What's the main profession of Carl Carver?

Carl is a Vice President.

What are the profession of The professional?

These person's professions are Executive and Vice President

Where does Carl Carver live?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the place where Carl Carver currently lives

Does Carl Carver have the email address?

ca** and ca** is Carl Carver's email address.

How many companies did Carl Carver work at?

The professional worked at six jobs.

Where has Carl Carver studied?

Carl studied at the University of North Florida - College of Business Administration from 1988 to 1990.

Are there any professional industries, that Carl Carver works in?

This professional works in Staffing And Recruiting industry.

What are special skills of Carl Carver?

This professional has such skills as Recruiting, Applicant Tracking Systems, Start Ups, Executive Management, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Customer Service, and Temporary Staffing.