Brittany Nunnink

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We found the following information about Brittany Nunnink at Mamava, Inc., where the professional has worked as a Marketing Manager since 2015. Brittany's total work experience is over ten years, during which time this professional had at least 11 jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Brittany studied at the University of Vermont from 2014 to 2015. Currently, Brittany Nunnink lives in Burlington, Vermont. You can contact with Brittany by looking for phone or email address or get further info by requesting access to this person's additional details.
Name variants:
Brittney Nunnink, Britney Nunnink, Brit Nunnink, Britt Nunnink, Brita Nunnink, Brie Nunnink

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Jun 22, 2022
Burlington, VT


Mamava, Inc.
Marketing Manager



Work History

Marketing Manager

Design solutions for nursing mothers on the go. Our first product is a stand alone lactation suite. No working or traveling mom should have to pump in a bathroom or storage closet. Our suite...
from Sep 2015

Marketing Associate

Building awareness and engagement with the Mamava brand, a company that delivers design solutions for nursing mamas on the go, making the world a friendlier place for women to pump or breast...
from Sep 2015

Sustainable Innovation Consultant

Researched how to improve the environmental impact of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream production through systems analysis. Delivered a template for a campaign strategy to raise brand awareness and s...
May 2015 — Aug 2015


Assisted in raising brand awareness for this new brand of non-toxic, fair trade condoms. Coordinated launch events around the country, educated new partners about the mission of this values-...
May 2014 — Aug 2014

Account Manager

Public relations for the outdoor world. Managed Outdoor Industry clients, including Vermont Smoke and Cure and Deuter USA. Managed blogs, wrote and published press releases, managed client a...
Oct 2013 — Apr 2014


Took a personal sabbatical to walk 2,663 miles from Mexico to Canada. From beginning to end, hear the full story:
Apr 2013 — Sep 2013

Membership Wrangler

Keeping earth in business. Worked at the intersection of the business and non-profit worlds, helping the two collaborate to mutually support one another. Managed and later directed organizat...
2009 — Apr 2013

Environmental Educator

Educated and inspired curious children about systems-thinking, and our connection to the natural landscape.
Jun 2009 — Aug 2009

Research Analyst

Assisted in background research, based on PSI sector analysis, for the publication of "Clean, Green, and Read All Over."
Jan 2006 — May 2009

Csr Intern

Supported the CEO and Director of Corporate Consciousness in their efforts to further engage internal employees in corporate social responsibility initiatives. Educated employees, supported ...
2006 — 2008

Marketing Manager at Mamava, Inc

Marketing Manager at Mamava, Inc at Mamava, Inc.



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