Brian Staudenmaier

Brian Staudenmaier

Executive with proven ability to lead people, processes and customers

We found the following information about Brian Staudenmaier at California Scents, where this professional has worked as a VP of Sales since 2012. Brian's total work experience is over 19 years, during which time this person had at least 15 jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Brian studied at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Brian currently is located in Santa Ana, California. You can contact with Brian by searching for phone number or email address or find exhaustive info by requesting access to Brian's further details from us.
Name variants:
Bryan Staudenmaier, Bryant Staudenmaier

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Contact Information

Last Update
Feb 1, 2016
Santa Ana, CA


California Scents
VP of Sales

Irvine, CA


Consumer Goods, Mfg Air Fresheners/Sanitation Goods, Mfg Polish/Sanitation Goods Mfg Toilet Preparations

Work History

VP of Sales

Orange County, California Area
Picking up the ball and running with it - California Scents is outgrowing the competition and the category. Focused on building a high performing team to go out there and help our customer...
from 2012

Sr. VP of Sales

Optimized selling results at Target, Safeway, Publix, Duane Reade, Raley's, and Worked on partnership opportunities with Wal-Mart, Trader Joe's, Aldi & Costco.
2010 — 2011

VP of Sales

San Francisco Bay Area
Joined Vaska as a startup in Berkeley which was in the “seed” phase of its existence as their Vice President of Sales. Leveraged people network to build a team from the ground up, used strat...
2008 — 2010

Director of Sales Planning

San Francisco Bay Area
Worked with Goldman Sachs CPG team to build bottoms up 5 year strategic plan to assist the founders in preparing for a liquidity event. Developed core business processes for startup company...
2007 — 2008

Sales Planning Manager

Oakland, California
HQ sales leadership role on brand that grew from $400M to $1B due to FORCE FLEX innovation changing the game in trash bags. This brand was the largest planning desk at Clorox. Worked close...
2005 — 2006

Sales Planning Manager

Oakland, California
HQ sales leadership role focused on strategy and tactical development of 18 month business plans. Food bags was the smallest planning desk on P&G joint venture with no traditional deman...
2004 — 2005

National Account Manager

Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Managed integration of Clorox's Kmart and Fleming teams for Kingsford Charcoal, KC Masterpiece, Hidden Valley Salad Dressings and Glad
2002 — 2004

Customer Business Manager

Farmington Hills, Michigan
Managed retail execution of all Clorox SBU's at retail in 2,200 Kmart stores pre-bankruptcy
2001 — 2002

Regional Sales Manager

Southern California
Managed 11 Western states and integrated Clorox's acquisition of STP with Armor All programs at regional grocery, drug, mass and automotive aftermarket retailers and distributors. Managed a...
1999 — 2001

Key Account Manager

Riverside, California
Managed Pepsi Riverside Direct and 3rd Party Operators Vending business
1997 — 1999

Market Development Representative

Riverside, California
Managed Hospitals, Health Care, Military and Universities contractual food service business negotiations in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties
1996 — 1997

Driving Force Project Manager

Aliso Viejo, California
Managed special project for PBG in Southern California as the location lead to reroute Riverside and San Bernardino's sales territories into "combo" routes vs. chain/channel using UPS routi...
1995 — 1996

New Selling Systems Project Manager

Aliso Viejo, California
Led and Managed Southern California's rollout of new backend software selling systems for all sales, delivery and dispatch personnel in all 9 PBG locations
1995 — 1995

Satellite Plant Manager

Indio, California
Managed all delivery, warehouse and merchandising personnel in Palm Springs area. Managed sales forecasting and P&L responsibility for Operations.
1993 — 1995

Advanced Sales Representative

Greater San Diego Area
Promoted twice into larger, higher volume territories selling bottle and can soft drinks, Ocean Spray juices, Lipton Teas and Aquafina to local mass stores, grocery stores, drug stores, liqu...
1991 — 1993


Vice President of Sales
Sales Specialist
Consumer Goods Professional
Financial Broker
Vice President
Chief Executive
Commodities Clerk
Brokerage Clerk
Capital Markets Professional
Financial Services Sales Agent


People Management
Strategic Planning
Trade Promotion
Profit Improvement
Global Business Development
Global Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Product Marketing
Financial Analysis
Leadership Development
Cross-functional Team Leadership
Cultural Awareness
China Business Development
Great People Skills
Long Range Planning
ROI Accountability
Team Building
Building Brand Awareness
Consumer Insights
Consumer Products
Consumer Behavior
Decision Making Skills
Competitive Strategies
Competitive Landscape Analysis
Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Analysis
Blue Ocean Strategy
Public Speaking
Scenario Planning
Human Capital Management
Private Equity/Venture Capital
Pricing Negotiation
Pricing Strategy
Business Strategy
Customer Insight
Product Launch
Sales Operations
Change Management
Sales Management
Product Development
P&L Management
Key Account Management
Integrated Marketing

FAQs about Brian Staudenmaier

What is the main profession of Brian Staudenmaier?

Brian Staudenmaier is a Executive with proven ability to lead people, processes and customers.

What jobs is Brian proficient at at?

The expert is a professional Executive and Vice President of Sales jobs.

Where does Brian Staudenmaier currently live?

Santa Ana, California is the place where Brian Staudenmaier lives

Where did Brian Staudenmaier work?

This person worked at California Scents, Cot'n Wash.

What education does Brian Staudenmaier have?

Brian studied at the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

What languages does Brian Staudenmaier speak?

Brian Staudenmaier speaks Chinese.

Are there any industries, that Brian Staudenmaier works in?

Brian works in Consumer Goods industry.

What are the skills of Brian Staudenmaier?

Brian has skills in the following areas: People Management, Strategic Planning, Trade Promotion, Profit Improvement, Global Business Development, Global Strategy, and Marketing Strategy.