Brian Anthony Siegel

Marketing Executive at Standex

For over 16 years Brian Anthony Siegel worked in different jobs. Recently, Brian worked as a Global Director of Marketing in Standex-Meder Electronics developing different skills. This expert graduated from Xavier University MBA in 2007 where this person received all the knowledge. This person has all necessary knowledge and skills for his job, that's proven by these certifications in Six Sigma and General Electric. This person can speak two languages: English and Spanish. You can find this person in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he is located nowadays. Connexy has all the data you need to be in touch with Brian Anthony Siegel, such as Brian Anthony Siegel's phone or email. Feel free to send the request to get additional info.
Name variants:
Bryan Siegel, Bryant Siegel

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 7, 2022
br**, br**
Cincinnati, OH


Standex-Meder Electronics
Global Director of Marketing

Cincinnati, OH


Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Work History

Global Director of Marketing

from Feb 2013

Chief Marketing Officer

Cincinnati Area
from Jan 2012

Board Member

from Sep 2009

Founder and Chief Giving Officer

from Feb 2008

Board Member (Marketing)

Feb 2010 — Apr 2012

Director of Brand Strategy

Oct 2008 — Jan 2012

Sr. Marketing Manager

May 2011 — Dec 2011

New Business Development

Apr 2009 — Oct 2009

Sales and Operations Leader

Apr 2006 — Aug 2008

Maintenance Leader

Nov 2005 — Nov 2006

Regional Sales Coordinator

Nov 2004 — Nov 2005

Asset Manager

Nov 2003 — Nov 2004

Service Manager

Nov 2002 — Nov 2003

Project Manager and Supervisor

Nov 2000 — Nov 2002

Ramp Leader

Nov 1999 — Nov 2000

Program Director and Trainer

Nov 1998 — Nov 1999


Marketing Director
Advertising Professional
Chief Executive
Advertising Sales Agent


Integrated Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Strategic Planning
Marketing Communications
Brand Management
Public Relations
Brand Development
Creative Direction
Branding and Identity
Corporate Branding
Brand Architecture
Online Marketing
Web Design
Customer Experience
Lead Generation
Customer Engagement
Web Marketing
Creative Solutions
Growth Strategies
Human Driven Branding
Employee Engagement
Business Insights
Brand Experience
Cause Marketing
Corporate Social Responsibility
Bringing Brands Alive
Community Engagement
Product Naming
Company Naming
Case Studies
Brand Engagement
Social Good Advocacy
Reputation Management
Business Alignment
Growth Marketing

FAQs about Brian Anthony Siegel

What's the main profession of Brian Anthony Siegel?

Brian Anthony Siegel is a Marketing Executive at Standex.

What jobs is Brian Anthony Siegel proficient at at?

Brian Anthony Siegel is proficient at such jobs as Executive and Marketing Director.

Where does Brian Anthony Siegel live?

Cincinnati, Ohio is the place where Brian Anthony Siegel lives

What is the expert's email?

The expert's email is br** and br**

How many companies did Brian Anthony Siegel work at?

Brian Anthony Siegel worked at 16 jobs.

What education does Brian Anthony Siegel have?

Brian studied at the Xavier University MBA from 2005 to 2007.

Are there any professional certifications, that Brian Anthony Siegel has?

The professional received the following certifications: Six Sigma and General Electric.

What languages does Brian Anthony Siegel speak?

Brian Anthony Siegel speaks English and Spanish.