Benita Lee

Senior Manager, Content and Editorial

We found the following information about Benita Lee at Goodrx, where this professional has worked as a Senior Manager, Content and Editorial since 2020. Benita's total work experience is over 14 years, during which time the professional had at least ten jobs at different companies to develop skills. Benita studied at the Albany Medical College from 2011 to 2015. This person has the certification in Design 101 Course Benita Lee is proficient in English. Benita currently lives in South San Francisco, California. You can contact with Benita by looking for phone or email address or get further information by requesting access to their further details from us.
Name variants:
Bennie Lee, Benny Lee

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 23, 2022
be**, be**, be**
South San Francisco, CA


Senior Manager, Content and Editorial


Health, Wellness and Fitness

Work History

Senior Manager, Content and Editorial

from Jun 2020

Head of Content

Contractor 10/17 to 3/18 Head of Content 5/17 to 10/17 Editorial Director 3/16 to 4/17 Manager, User Education 9/15 to 3/16 Led, managed, and delivered content for editorial, PR, ma...
2015 — 2018

Research Assistant - Ophthalmology

Directed a comparative analysis of outcomes from two different corneal transplant techniques First medical student to have had research accepted for lecture at ASCRS symposium Performed c...
2011 — 2012

Music Director

Directed vocalists and musicians in musical theater performances Orchestrated and arranged vocals under supervision of the Artistic Director Led music rehearsals with cast and musicians ...
2010 — 2011

Young Adult Co-Vice President

Elected to 10-person board to help scale goals and operational logistics for travelling free clinic Recruited, trained, and supervised teams of 60 health providers, medical students, and n...
2007 — 2011

Assistant Biostatistician

Performed literature reviews and developed summaries related to various clinical research topics Explored lifestyle and disease relationship using medical diagnoses and Adventist Health St...
2010 — 2010

Policy Analyst

Reviewed health policy reform and economics data to understand the relationship between policy decisions and medical bankruptcy in the US Contributed literature review, infographics, and p...
2009 — 2010

Research Associate

Improved food scarcity in 1 of the top 10 poorest health areas in the US by leading implementation of a 3000ft² community garden and a gardeners training program Ensured self-sustainabilit...
2009 — 2010

Ophthalmology Technician and Medical Assistant

Worked with pediatric ophthalmologists and retinal specialist in private outpatient clinic Helped with office management, patient relations, diagnostic testing, and operating optical and r...
2008 — 2009

Undergraduate Student Instructor - General Biology

Prepared materials for and presented lectures to undergraduate college classes of 40 students per semester Acted as full member of instructional team in strategic curriculum development de...
2005 — 2007



Senior Manager
Health Specialist
Wellness and Fitness
Operations Manager
Independent Business Owners


Data Analysis
Public Relations
Press Relations
Public Health
Clinical Research
Non Profits
Global Health
Healthcare Industry
Project Management
Program Evaluation
Piano Playing
Piano Education
Music Education
Content Strategy
User Experience
Social Media
Health Education
Web Applications
Ux Research
Editorial Process

FAQs about Benita Lee

What is the profession of Benita Lee?

This professional's job is Senior Manager, Content and Editorial

What jobs is Benita Lee proficient at at?

Benita is proficient at such jobs as Executive and Senior Manager.

Where does Benita Lee currently live?

South San Francisco, California is the place where Benita Lee currently lives

What is Benita Lee's email?

Benita's email is be** and be**

How many companies did Benita Lee work at?

Benita Lee worked at ten jobs.

What education does Benita Lee have?

Benita studied at the Albany Medical College from 2011 to 2015.

What are the certifications of Benita Lee?

The expert received the following certifications: Design 101 Course.

What languages does Benita Lee speak?

Benita Lee speaks English.