Basha Elesia Barnett

Hospice Nurse

We found the following information about Basha Elesia Barnett at Psa Healthcare, where this professional has worked as a Clinical Care Manager since 2017. Basha's total work experience is over six years, during which time Basha Elesia Barnett had at least four jobs at different places to develop skills. Basha studied at the Walden University from 2015 to 2017. Basha Elesia Barnett received the following certifications: Cpr and Registered Nurse. Currently, Basha lives in Atlanta, Georgia. You can contact with Basha by looking for phone number or email address or get exhaustive info by requesting access to Basha Elesia Barnett's further details from Connexy.
Name variants:
Basha Barnett

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
Atlanta, GA


Clinical Care Manager

Fort Collins, CO


Home Health Care Services

Work History

Clinical Care Manager

from Oct 2017

Registered Nurse and Charge

Medication administration PO, IV, GT, IM, Subcutaneous Start and maintenance of IVAD, PICC, Peripheral IV site, SP, Nephrostomy tube, GT. Utilize critical thinking skills using the Nursin...
Jan 2013 — Mar 2017

Front Office Manager

Nov 2007 — Sep 2009

Hospice Nurse


2015 — Jun 2017

FAQs about Basha Elesia Barnett

What is the main profession of Basha Elesia Barnett?

Basha is a Hospice Nurse.

What jobs is Basha proficient at at?

Basha Elesia Barnett is a professional Health Specialist and Nurse jobs.

Where does Basha Elesia Barnett currently live?

They currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Where did Basha Elesia Barnett work?

Basha Elesia Barnett worked at Psa Healthcare, Hospital For Special Care.

What education does Basha Elesia Barnett have?

Basha studied at the Walden University from 2015 to 2017.

Are there any certifications, that Basha Elesia Barnett has?

This expert received the following certifications: Cpr and Registered Nurse.

Are there any special industries Basha Elesia Barnett is connected to?

Basha works in Financial Services industry.

What are the skills of Basha Elesia Barnett?

Basha has skills in the following areas: Critical Thinking, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Leadership, Customer Service, Communication, and People Management.


Health Specialist
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Registered Nurse
Nurse Practitioner
Operations Manager
Accounting Bookkeeper


Critical Thinking
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excel
Customer Service
People Management