Arvin Barrera

Operations Manager

We found the following information about Arvin Barrera at Magnolia Audio Video, where this professional has worked as a General Manager since 2017. Arvin's total work experience is over 15 years, during which time this person had at least six jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Arvin studied at the Northern Virginia Community College from 2016 to 2017. Arvin Barrera currently lives in Eldersburg, Maryland. You can contact with Arvin by looking for phone or email or get additional info by requesting access to Arvin Barrera's additional details.
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Arvin Barrera

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 23, 2022
ar**, ab**, ar**
Eldersburg, MD


General Manager

Everett, WA


Department Store

Work History

General Manager

Finished the month of December 2017 after taking over GM position as the top store for delivered revenue at 135% to target out of 13 MDC store within a store in the district. Led in categori...
Oct 2017 — Jul 2018

Operations Manager

Facilitated the movement of multiple shipping orders for a client requiring transportation of 25 rail car trailers from California to Pennsylvania. Total value of goods in excess of $100,00...
from Jul 2018

Independent Business Consultant

Business development, marketing strategy and sales consultant
from Oct 2016

General Manager

Produced the top store in the district during the 2015 back to school campaign leading in all major metrics including revenue to target at 156%. Passed every store audit as well as assiste...
Jul 2014 — Oct 2016

Home Sales Manager and Sales Associate

Mar 2003 — Apr 2014

Payroll Specialist

Ensure proper input of clients payroll data into the system as well as sell clients, available services to assist in their payroll processing such as Direct Deposit, automated software and T...
Apr 2005 — Mar 2006


Operations Manager
Director of Operations
Chief Executive Officer
Sales Specialist
Sales Person
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Specialist
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive
Sales Representative
Services Professional


Sales Operations
Employee Training
Inventory Management
Customer Experience
Time Management
Sales Growth
Retail Sales
Visual Merchandising
Loss Prevention
Store Management
Inventory Control
Customer Service
Microsoft Office
Training Facilitation
Coaching Staff
Consumer Electronics
Store Operations
Microsoft Excel
Customer Satisfaction
Microsoft Word
Inventory Accuracy
Consumer Products
Technology Solutions
Technology Coaching
Mobile Communications
Driving Results
New Hire Training
Health Insurance

FAQs about Arvin Barrera

What is the profession of Arvin Barrera?

This professional's job is Operations Manager

What jobs is Arvin proficient at at?

The expert is proficient at such jobs as Executive and Operations Manager.

Where does Arvin Barrera currently live?

Eldersburg, Maryland is the place where Arvin Barrera lives

Does the professional have the email address?

ar** and ab** is Arvin Barrera's email address.

How many companies did Arvin Barrera work at?

Arvin Barrera worked at six jobs.

Where has Arvin Barrera studied?

Arvin studied at the Northern Virginia Community College from 2016 to 2017.

What languages does Arvin Barrera speak?

Arvin Barrera speaks Tagalog, Spanish, and English.

Are there any industries, that Arvin Barrera works in?

This professional works in Transportation/Trucking/Railroad industry.