Anthony Elmore

Anthony Elmore

Webmaster & SEO Marketing Director

We found the following information about Anthony Elmore at Ground Zero Electrostatics, where the professional has worked as a Multimedia Manager since 2003. Anthony's total work experience is over eight years, during which time Anthony had at least eight jobs at different companies to develop skills. Anthony studied at the University of South Florida from 1996 to 2000. Currently, Anthony lives in Atlanta, Georgia. You can contact with Anthony by looking for phone or email address or get exhaustive info by requesting access to this expert's further details from us.
Name variants:
Antony Elmore, Anton Elmore, Tony Elmore, Toni Elmore

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jan 29, 2016
Atlanta, GA


Multimedia Manager


Building Materials

Work History

Multimedia Manager

> Implemented SEO strategy that placed company in top five positions in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines which generated sales leads and improved company revenues. > Analyze...
from Aug 2003

Webmaster, SEO Marketer

>Responsible for daily site management including updates, product images and technical issues. > Designed site template and navigation scheme using W3C CSS structure > Implemented S...
Jul 2006 — Jun 2008

Multimedia Designer

Designed and developed visual, written, and audio content for web pages, interactive CD-ROMs & marketing materials under deadline. Developed navigational and interactive elements for web...
Apr 2002 — May 2003

Desktop Publisher/Web Site Designer

Designed and produced the newsletter and website for the Center for Economic Policy Analysis (CEPA). Compiled mailing lists and Internet research.
Sep 2001 — Feb 2002

Data Conversion Operator

Responsible for quick accurate coding of problem mail. Awarded certificate for perfect attendance for 3rd and 4th Quarter, 2000.
Jul 2000 — Aug 2001

Technical Writer/Desktop Publisher

Wrote and designed three 20-page instruction manuals for adjustable bed models. Directed AUTO/CAD designer to create illustrations.
Oct 2000 — Jan 2001

Technical Writer

Wrote accurate, in-depth synopsizes of highly technical consulting documents for information warehouse. Edited and quality reviewed staffs
Mar 1998 — Mar 1999

ESL Instructor

Instructed over 200 high school students in conversational English.
Sep 1993 — Jun 1994


Marketing Director
IT Professional
SEO Specialist
Marketing Professional
Chief Executive
Web Developer
Website Developer
Web Marketer
Marketing Manager
Operations Manager
Advertising Sales Agent

FAQs about Anthony Elmore

What's the main profession of Anthony Elmore?

Anthony Elmore is a Webmaster & SEO Marketing Director.

What jobs is Anthony Elmore proficient at at?

The expert is proficient at such jobs as Executive and Marketing Director.

Where does Anthony Elmore currently live?

Atlanta, Georgia is the place where Anthony Elmore currently lives

Where did Anthony Elmore work?

Anthony Elmore worked at Ground Zero Electrostatics, PCS Business Forms.

Does Anthony Elmore have personal website or blog?

This professional`s website is,, and

What education does Anthony Elmore have?

Anthony studied at the University of South Florida from 1996 to 2000.

What is professional industry that Anthony Elmore is connected to?

Anthony works in Internet industry.