Andrew N Harding

Co-Founder at and Co-Founder at Nocking Point Wines

We found the following information about Andrew N Harding at, where this expert has worked as a Co-Founder & Head of Product since 2007. Andrew's total work experience is over 15 years, during which time Andrew had at least nine jobs at different companies to develop skills. Andrew studied at the Washington State University from 2004 to 2005. Andrew currently lives in Van Nuys, California. You can contact with Andrew by looking for phone number or email or get exhaustive information by requesting access to this professional's additional details from Connexy.
Name variants:
Andru Harding, Andy Harding, Drew Harding

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 14, 2022
an**, an**, an**
Van Nuys, CA

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Culver City, CA



Work History

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Greater Los Angeles Area
Co-founder, biz dev point person, and product lead for the largest music licensing search and distribution platform in the United States. Key accomplishments: • Worked with a team of 3 to id...
from Jun 2007


Walla Walla, WA
Co-founder of a boutique winery in the world-renowned winemaking region of the Walla Walla Valley in Washington State. We specialize in big reds, sourcing fruit from the best local vineyards...
from Oct 2012

Vice President, Product Development

Work across all functions (Tech, Product, Sales, Marketing, Editorial, Ad Operations, Exec Team) to define and execute the product strategies for Web, mobile, and emerging platform initiativ...
Aug 2008 — Mar 2012

Senior Director, Program Management

Run the main project management and product development pipeline for getting all new initiatives wired, designed, built, tested, launched and produced. Key accomplishments: • Played such a ...
Jan 2008 — Aug 2008

Director, Program Management

Led the Program Management group through managing a project management and production team that was responsible for the production and delivery of all new product, content and sponsorship in...
Aug 2007 — Jan 2008

Product Development Program Manager

Responsible for gathering requirements for all product and sales projects and turning them into clearly defined functional specs and requirement documents. Key accomplishments: • Played the...
2006 — Aug 2007

Web and Print Production Designer

2000 — 2006

Database Mgmt Specialist/Systems Analyst

2003 — 2005

West Coast Data Collection Manager

Played the role of West Coast Data Collection Lead for the software company that worked closely with the Oakland A's and Billy Beane to develop & enhance their statistical tendency and a...
2002 — 2003


Chief Executive


Product Development
Digital Strategy
New Media Strategy
User Experience
Online Video
E Commerce
Web Video
Mobile Devices

FAQs about Andrew N Harding

What is the main profession of Andrew N Harding?

The expert is a Co-Founder at and Co-Founder at Nocking Point Wines.

What jobs is Andrew a professional at?

The expert is proficient at Executive and Co-Founder jobs.

Where does Andrew N Harding live?

Van Nuys, California is the place where Andrew N Harding currently lives

Does the expert have the email address?

an** and an** is Andrew's email address.

Where did Andrew N Harding work?

Andrew N Harding worked at, Nocking Point Wines.

Does Andrew N Harding have personal website or blog?

Andrew N Harding`s website is

What education does Andrew N Harding have?

Andrew studied at the Washington State University from 2004 to 2005.

What languages does Andrew N Harding speak?

Andrew N Harding speaks English.