Alyssa Bernard

Production Manager

We found the following information about Alyssa Bernard at Savers, where Alyssa has worked as a Production Manager since 2017. Alyssa's total work experience is over nine years, during which time this professional had at least four jobs at different places to develop skills. Alyssa studied at the Francis T.maloney High School to 2005. Alyssa currently is located in Bristol, Connecticut. You can contact with Alyssa by looking for phone or email address or get full information by requesting access to this expert's additional details from us.
Name variants:
Alice Bernard

Contact Information

Last Update
Jun 22, 2022
Bristol, CT


Production Manager

Berkeley, IL


Ret Used Merchandise

Work History

Production Manager

from Jan 2017

Retail Sales Manager

Savers is no ordinary thrift store. As a leader and pioneer in the retail thrift industry we're a place where people from all backgrounds love to shop for great selection, deals, and treasur...
Aug 1, 2015 — Jan 2017

Operations Manager

Feb 2013 — Aug 2015

Hotel Manager

Nov 2008 — Feb 2013