Alessandra Jerolleman

Assistant Professor

We found the following information about Alessandra Jerolleman at JEO Consulting Group, Inc., where Alessandra Jerolleman has worked as a Senior Emergency Management and Mitigation Planner since 2013. Alessandra's total work experience is over eight years, during which time Alessandra had at least seven jobs at different companies to develop professional skills. Alessandra studied at the University of New Orleans from 2006 to 2013. This professional received the following certifications: Asfpm, Louisiana Pathways, and Certified Floodplain Manager. Alessandra Jerolleman is skilled in three languages: Spanish, English, and Italian. Alessandra Jerolleman currently is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. You can contact with Alessandra by looking for phone number or email address or find further info by requesting access to the person's further details from us.
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Alessandra Jerolleman

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Contact Information

Last Update
Jul 8, 2022
aj**, as**
New Orleans, LA


JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
Senior Emergency Management and Mitigation Planner


Civil Engineering

Work History

Senior Emergency Management and Mitigation Planner

from Jun 2013

Executive Director

Founded and played a leadership role in creating first professional association for hazard mitigation professionals. Organized and hosted first NHMA Conference in 2010 as an add-on to the ...
from May 2008


Metairie, Louisiana
Alessandra Jerolleman, LLC (AJ LLC) is a disaster resilience and hazard mitigation consulting, training and planning firm located in Louisiana.
from Sep 2007

Program Specialist, Domestic Emergencies Unit

Facilitated interactions between child focused organizations and emergency management agencies and first responders. Provided training to child care providers and others.
Feb 2011 — Mar 2013

Senior Hazard Mitigation Planner

Directly project-managed and/or provided planning and technical subject-matter expertise to DMA 2000-compliant local and state hazard mitigation planning, including state and local jurisdict...
May 2007 — Feb 2011

Mitigation Specialist

Provided information to Road Home applicants regarding hazard mitigation project types
Dec 2006 — May 2007

Graduate Assistant

Conducted applied research related to mitigation, community outreach and disaster planning within several Louisiana communities and for the University. Performed benefit-cost analyses for ...
Oct 2005 — Dec 2006


2000 — 2003
1995 — 1999


Associate Professor
Chief Executive Officer
Postsecondary Teacher
Corporate Executive
Chief Executive


Community Outreach
Crisis Management
Disaster Response
Hazard Mitigation
Program Management
Policy Analysis
Economic Development
Community Development
Grant Writing
Project Planning
Public Policy
Public Administration
Public Speaking
Homeland Security
Disaster Recovery
Program Development
Emergency Planning
Proposal Writing
Risk Assessment
Contingency Planning
Program Evaluation
Emergency Services
Volunteer Management
Qualitative Research
Capacity Building
Non Profits
Natural Hazards
Business Continuity
Non Profit Administration
Local Government
Educational Leadership
International Development
Public Health
Strategic Communications

FAQs about Alessandra Jerolleman

What's the main profession of Alessandra Jerolleman?

This professional's job is Assistant Professor

What jobs is Alessandra Jerolleman proficient at at?

Alessandra Jerolleman is a professional such jobs as Professor and Associate Professor.

Where is Alessandra Jerolleman located?

Alessandra is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Does the professional have the email address?

aj** and as** is The expert's email address.

How many companies did Alessandra Jerolleman work at?

The professional worked at seven jobs.

Does Alessandra Jerolleman have personal webpage or blog?

This expert`s website is and

Where has Alessandra Jerolleman studied?

Alessandra studied at the University of New Orleans from 2006 to 2013.

Are there any professional certifications Alessandra Jerolleman has?

Alessandra Jerolleman received the following certifications: Asfpm, Louisiana Pathways, Certified Floodplain Manager, and Trainer Iii.