Aditi Gupta

Marketing Program Manager - NetApp Inc

Aditi Gupta went to the University of California and was studying there from 2013. San Jose, California is the city, where this professional was known to be living. The professional's email address and phone can be easily accessed through Connexy by request.
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Aditi Gupta

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Last Update
San Jose, CA


Certificate in Social Media and Web Analytics

Los Angeles, CA
from 2013

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Advertising and Marketing Communications

New York, NY
from 2010

Bachelor of Business Administration in Leadership Workshop

New York, NY
from 2007

MBA in Marketing Specialization

San Jose, CA

FAQs about Aditi Gupta

What is the main profession of Aditi Gupta?

Aditi Gupta is a Marketing Program Manager - NetApp Inc.

What jobs is Aditi a professional at?

Aditi Gupta is proficient at Executive and Program Director jobs.

Where does Aditi Gupta currently live?

The expert currently lives in San Jose, California.

What education does Aditi Gupta have?

Aditi studied at the University of California from 2013.

Are there any professional skills, that Aditi Gupta has?

Aditi has skills in the following areas: Event Planning & Management, Integrated Marketing, Demand Generation, Sales Enablement, Audience Acquisition, and Content Creation.


Program Director
Marketing Consultant
Operations Manager
Market Analyst
Market Research Analyst


Event Planning & Management
Integrated Marketing
Demand Generation
Sales Enablement
Audience Acquisition
Content Creation
Communication Strategy
Marketing Communications
Social Media Marketing