Sacramento Professional Network

Sacramento, CA

We have found information with phone and email addresses about the company Sacramento Professional Network, based in 5007 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95820, CA. The company works in the Business Services industry. Phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information for the company and Principal Virgie Cornelius can be found on our website.

Company Details

Last Update
Jul 14, 2022
5007 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95820
Business Services
561 - Administrative and Support Services

Decision Makers

Program Development Consultant
President-Emeritus, External Vice President


John Mohammed
John Mohammed Consulting -- Custom Software To Make Information Workers More Productive
University Of Idaho College Of Business
Administration, Accounting, Project Accounting, Fixed Assets, Trust Funds
Trainer At Legislative Data Center
Sacramento Und Umgebung, Kalifornien
Accounting Technician
Substitute Teacher
Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Consultation — Project Management

FAQs about Sacramento Professional Network

In what industry does Sacramento Professional Network operate?

The industry for Sacramento Professional Network is Business Services.

Who works in Sacramento Professional Network in the position of Principal?

Principal is the position of Virgie Cornelius in Sacramento Professional Network.

What is the current address of the Sacramento Professional Network?

Sacramento Professional Network is placed in Sacramento, California.