Paschall Truck Lines, Inc

Paschall Truck Lines, Inc

Murray, KY

We have found information with phone and email addresses about the company Paschall Truck Lines. The company works in the Transportation/Trucking/Railroad industry. The company's main products are Long Distance Transport. Phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information for the company and President Randall A. Waller can be found on our website.

Company Details

Last Update
Jul 14, 2022
Doing business as
Interstate Personnel Services, Inc
Paschall Truck Lines
PO Box 1080, Murray, KY 42071
PO Box 1889, Murray, KY 42071
PO Box 1080, Murray, KY 42071
3443 Us Hwy 641 S, Murray, KY 42071
(***) ***-1717
(***) ***-1904
(***) ***-3374
Transportation and Warehousing
Truck Transportation
General Freight Trucking
Freight Trucking
Government Contractors
Trailers Rental & Leasing
Number of Employee
1001-5000 employees
Long Distance Transport
484 - Truck Transportation

Decision Makers

Senior Vice President Marketing
Owner And Operator


Director Of Sales, East Region
Diantha Sprouse
Owner At Heritage Hunter
Safety Engineer, Chst, Gsp
Account Manager Lead @ Transportation Data Source I Founder Ignite Media Productions And Ignition Racewear I Racer
Senior Safety, Health And Environmental Manager
Risk Control Consultant
Independent Contractor
Independent Consultant
Security Specialist

FAQs about Paschall Truck Lines, Inc

In which industries does Paschall Truck Lines operate?

The main industries of the company Paschall Truck Lines are Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, Transportation and Warehousing, and Truck Transportation.

Who works in Paschall Truck Lines in the position of President?

Randall A. Waller works as a President in Paschall Truck Lines.

What are the phones of decision-makers Paschall Truck Lines?

The official phones of decision-makers in Paschall Truck Lines may be in this list: (***) ***-1717, (***) ***-1904, (***) ***-3374. For any additional information, contact us.

When was Paschall Truck Lines founded?

Paschall Truck Lines was founded on Oct 19, 98.

In what address or location can the company be found nowadays?

The address of the company Paschall Truck Lines is Murray, Kentucky.

What can be the other name of Paschall Truck Lines?

The alias for Paschall Truck Lines is Interstate Personnel Services, Inc.

What are the goods produced by Paschall Truck Lines?

The products of Paschall Truck Lines are Long Distance Transport.

What is the company type of Paschall Truck Lines?

The company type is Corporation.