Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente

Oakland, CA

We have found information with phone and email addresses about the company Kaiser Permanente, based in Kaiser Plz, Oakland, CA 94612, CA. The company works in the Hospital & Health Care industry. Phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information for the company can be found on our website.

Company Details

Last Update
Jul 14, 2022
Kaiser Plz, Oakland, CA 94612
Hospital & Health Care
Number of Employee
10,001+ employees
621 - Ambulatory Health Care Services

Decision Makers

Director And Vice President- Facilities Management And Support Services


Crista Swier
Medical Social Worker, LCSW, Gentiva Health Services
Correctional Health Nurse, Extra Help
Executive Office
Work Process Coordinator
Clinical Pharmacist
Substitute Teacher In The New Mexico Public Schools
Hospital & Health Care
Adjunct Instructor

FAQs about Kaiser Permanente

In what industry does Kaiser Permanente operate?

As we have found, the main industry of Kaiser Permanente is Hospital & Health Care.

What is the actual address of the Kaiser Permanente?

The address of the company Kaiser Permanente is Oakland, California.